He Will Deliver

1 Samuel 17:37
“David said moreover, The LORD that delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear, he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine. And Saul said unto David, Go, and the LORD be with thee.”

The war that David fought was more than a physical war; it was a spiritual war. When you read this chapter, you will see that there was a war between faith and doubt. Those who lived in doubt saw it as a physical war with a man whose stature was daunting and whose words were intimidating. The one who lived in faith saw this situation as a spiritual war that created an opportunity for God to show His power. Every believer faces this same spiritual war, and the ability for God to deliver will be determined by whether you see it through physical eyes as a physical war or through faith’s eyes as a spiritual war. Let me share with you several things that will help you to come to the conclusion that God will deliver.

First, you must get over the things that quench faith’s ambition. In verse 11, the people “heard” the words of Goliath. God can’t deliver you from this war when you are listening to fear’s words. You will live a life of fear and dismay when you continually listen to why God can’t deliver you by faith. Let me assure you that doubt always has a reason as to why God can’t defeat your giant. Doubt says that your giant is too big. Doubt says that your giant is bigger than the giants of the past. If you look at the stature of your obstacle, as the people did with Goliath’s stature, you will always come to the conclusion that you can’t win the battle.

Second, doubt always gives you human resources that cannot work. Saul doubted that David could kill Goliath. He said in verse 33, “Thou art not able to go…” Saul was right; David wasn’t able, but God through David could go. If you continue to put on the unproven armor that doubt provides, you will always find yourself believing doubt over God.

Third, faith always believes God. Belief is found in every circumstance: you either believe doubt or you believe God. Sadly, most children of God choose to believe in doubt instead of in the power of God that has never failed. You can allow doubt to keep you from God’s victorious power, or you can believe God and see Him deliver as He always has. It truly comes down to what you choose to believe. Are you going to believe doubt that has always delivered defeat, or are you going to believe God who has always given victory?

Fourth, faith has a vision of God’s ability. David said about God, “…he will deliver…” David saw God deliver him in the past, and he had the confidence that God would deliver him in this spiritual battle. The way you are going to let faith be your commanding officer whose commands you follow is to realize that God has never failed in the past, and He will deliver you in faith’s present endeavor. Faith never looks at the size or ease of the task; it only looks at God’s ability to prevail.

My friend, you are in a spiritual warfare. You can look at the physicality of the war and see every circumstance as insurmountable, or you can see the spirituality of the war and let faith guide you to God’s deliverance. What is it that you face today? What is it that faith wants you to do but doubt is trying to keep you from doing? If you listen to the voices of doubt, you will never leave the land of mediocrity. However, if you obey faith’s command, you will see that God will deliver as He always has, and you will prevail in faith where others have failed in doubt.

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