Hezekiah Faith


2 Chronicles 32:30 “This same Hezekiah also stopped the upper watercourse of Gihon, and brought it straight down to the west side of the city of David. And Hezekiah prospered in all his works.”

No great work for God will ever be done without faith. It takes faith to do great works because it takes God to do great works. You may be able to find a little success without God, but eventually, it will take God and faith to see your works become something that is bigger than you.

Hezekiah was a man of faith. We often read about his life and never equate faith to all that he did, but to take over a decaying country and to turn it around to becoming a nation that prospered took faith. Judah was a nation headed toward God’s judgment, and nobody seemed to be doing anything about turning Judah around. Though it seemed hopeless at the onset, Hezekiah knew that God could use him to bring his nation back to God even though he was the sole person at the beginning who had a heart that believed God could do this. Let me point out the areas of Hezekiah’s faith that can help you in your life or ministry.

First, Hezekiah exhibited faith living. Hezekiah didn't hold back in living for the LORD. In 1 Chronicles 30:18-19, and in 1 Chronicles 31:20-21, you will see that he sought and served the LORD with all of his heart. He understood that sin must be put away to live a life for God. Faith living always produces a holy life. You can't walk by faith without God touching your heart to cause you to put away worldliness and sin from your life. If you desire to live a holy life, start living a life of faith and you will find a holy life will easily be achieved.

Second, Hezekiah exhibited faith praying. In 1 Chronicles 31:20, Hezekiah prayed by faith for God to forgive and heal the people. Your prayer life should be filled with faith. Faith praying is asking God to do something greater than you. The greatest prayer life is the prayer life that asks God to do something beyond its ability, believing that God will make it happen.

Third, Hezekiah exhibited faith giving. In 1 Chronicles 31:4, Hezekiah commanded the people to give by faith knowing that God could meet the needs of the people and of the work being done. In verse 10, God’s work had plenty of money to do the work, and God blessed His people for their giving. Faith praying will always produce faith giving. You can't separate giving and prayer; they both work together. The more a person prays by faith, the more they will give by faith. You can't expect God to do much through your life if you are unwilling to give by faith.

Fourth, Hezekiah exhibited faith vision. In 1 Chronicles 32:7, Hezekiah saw what the people could not see. You ought to have a faith vision for your life. You will find it won’t be hard to believe that God can do something great with your life when you are willing to give by faith. A faith prayer life will produce a faith-giving life, which will result in a faith vision that God can do something great with your life. Don't have a small vision for yourself. Get a vision of faith for your life that God can do something greater than your ability to do.

Finally, Hezekiah exhibited faith works. You can't have a faith vision without faith works. The verse above shows that Hezekiah “prospered in all his works.” Faith always requires work, and all of these areas of faith take work to make them happen. Are you willing to do the work that it takes for faith’s results? You will not see the great results of faith without a faith work habit that works as if these things will happen.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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