Hinds’ Feet Christianity

2 Samuel 22:34
“He maketh my feet like hinds’ feet: and setteth me upon my high places.”

When David reminisced over the LORD’s deliverance from Absalom, he wrote the words, “He maketh my feet like hinds’ feet…” David understood that the only reason he made it through the battles of his life was because of the LORD. It was not his skill, intellect or prowess that enabled him to win these battles because there were many times he shouldn’t have come out alive had it not been for the LORD. This is why he compared the LORD’s deliverance him like a hind that sets its feet on the “high places.”

What is a hind? The hind is a female deer that has the ability to track by putting her back feet exactly where she placed her front feet. This enabled her to run swiftly up the rocky terrain to escape the pursuit of her predators. Her tracking ability is her safety in these dangerous times of her life.

Christian, you will never make it unless you acquire hinds’ feet. Just like the hind can elude the predators that pursue her to destroy her, you need the hinds’ feet that will enable you to elude the danger that tries to destroy you. There are several characteristics of hinds’ feet Christianity.

First, hinds’ feet Christianity tracks well. Just like the hind puts her back feet where her front feet have stepped, you must learn to keep doing what has been successful over and over again. You must not let anything get you off track from what the LORD wants you to do. When heartaches come, continue tracking by reading God’s Word, working in your ministry, walking with the LORD in prayer, and keeping the same routine you had before heartaches come. One of the things that has preserved me throughout the years of my ministry is that I keep on putting my back feet where my front feet have stepped. In other words, I don’t change what I do when the battles come my way. You have to be careful that you don’t let anything sidetrack you and get you off track from what you are supposed to do, because your tracking is what keeps you climbing to higher ground.

Second, hinds’ feet Christianity climbs on solid ground. When life seems uncertain, the best ground upon which you should walk is the Word of God. Don’t let times of uncertainty pull you away from what God’s Word says. Keep walking in the old paths, because it is those old paths that will take you to higher ground.

Third, hinds’ feet Christianity keeps climbing to higher ground. The greatest way to escape the enemy is to continue climbing to new heights. It is when you settle for running in the plains that the enemy destroys you. When hard times come, step up what you are doing for the LORD. Hard times and battles are not times to retreat and do less; they are times when you need to step it up and do more for the LORD. It is the ability to keep tracking to higher ground that will be your escape from those hard times.

Fourth, hinds’ feet Christianity understands that victory comes from the LORD. David said, He maketh my feet like hinds’ feet…” You will never get those feet that track and run on solid rocky ground without the LORD’s help. My friend, let me encourage you to stop trying to make it through the hard times by yourself and ask God to give you hinds’ feet. Through Christ alone will your victory be realized.

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