Hiring Material


Nehemiah 7:2 “That I gave my brother Hanani, and Hananiah the ruler of the palace, charge over Jerusalem: for he was a faithful man, and feared God above many.”

Anytime you are doing a work for God, you will need people who will serve with you. You cannot do the work alone. Nehemiah understood this principle, and he employed people to work with him. One of the people he hired to work with him was his brother Hanani. He did not hire Hanani because he was his brother, but he hired him because he had proven himself in several areas that he was a worthy hire.

Maybe you are not looking to be hired by your church, but as a believer, you should be just as qualified to be hired as someone seeking to be hired. Just because you have no desire to serve as a staff member in your church does not mean that you should not be just as qualified as those who would be hired. Imagine what would happen to the work that God is doing in your church if every believer was qualified to be hired as a staff member in their church. One of the greatest lacks in our society is that so many churches have a void of people who are qualified to be hired. They often say that the best people to hire are from within because they will be more loyal to the church than those who are hired from without. Let me show you several qualifications that Hanani had that made him hiring material.

First, he was faithful before he was required to be faithful. He was not faithful because he had to be faithful, but he was faithful because it was the right thing to be faithful. You should never be known as an unfaithful person. Every church needs faithful people to do what they are supposed to be doing. You must be dependable and faithful if you will ever be used in God’s ministry.

Second, he was working before he was required to work. There are many people who sit waiting for a position of leadership when they should be working. Qualified people to fill leadership positions are discovered because they are already doing what they would be doing if they were hired. If you are not doing anything in your church, you are not hireable material. If every person worked as if they wanted to be hired, there would be no voids of service in the church. God looks to use people who are already serving because they won’t stop serving once they get the position. Lazy people rarely become diligent people once they get a position; lazy people stay lazy; therefore, a lazy person should never be given a leadership position.

Third, he did right before he was required to do right. This man didn't do right once he got the position, but he was faithful to do right before he got the position. The only way that God can use you is if you do right even when you don't have a position. We must stop waiting to have a position to do right, but we should do right whether or not we hold a position. If you do right before you have a position, you will do right once you have it.

Fourth, he walked with God before he was required to walk with God. Nobody is hireable material in the Lord’s work who does not walk with Him in prayer and in the Scriptures daily. Being hit-and-miss in your walk with God shows you are not qualified to be depended upon to be a spiritual person and to work His ministry. When you are more in love with serving God than you are with seeking a position, you will walk with Him daily in the Scriptures and in prayer.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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