How to Get God With You


Philippians 4:9 “Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.”

Getting God with you is not that God is not present in your life, but it is getting God to be for what you are doing. Just because you have God’s presence in your life does not mean that He is for what you are doing. We have the promise that Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us, but it does not mean that He supports all that we do. For instance, just because I was with my daughter while she was growing up did it mean that I was for everything that she did. There were things she did that I was against because it was wrong. However, she did many things that I was with her or supported what she was doing. Likewise, getting God’s support with what you are doing is critical to the success of what you do. Let me point out Paul’s outline as to how you can win God’s favor so that He will be with you.

First, you must learn from those spiritual leaders whom God has placed in your life. You cannot learn if you don't want to learn. One of the secrets to learning is to listen with an attitude that you don't know everything and that the person teaching you has knowledge that can help you. You cannot learn when you think you know it all. The most arrogant attitude that anyone can have is not to learn from others because you think you know more than everyone.

Second, you must receive what you have learned from spiritual leaders. In other words, stop trying to make your own way as the right way and realize that they know more than you and that their way is right. When you throw out what you are being taught because you don't want to listen is to thumb your nose at God and say to Him that He has placed the wrong people in your life. Learning from your spiritual leaders is critical, but it is also critical to receive what they say as truth.

Third, you must watch your spiritual leaders so you can learn from them. Part of learning is watching. You will often learn more from watching the life of your leaders. If you are going to watch the life of your leaders, that means you must be watchful of everything they do and be with them instead of avoiding them. You cannot learn from the life of your spiritual leaders when you avoid them or are not observant of all they do. Watching their lives is critical to you learning from them and critical to God supporting what you do.

Fourth, you must do what you have learned, received, heard, and observed in their lives to get God with you. My friend, God has placed people in your life to teach you so that He can be with you as He is with them. One of the reasons you must be sure to get the right spiritual leaders in your life is so that they give you the right examples to follow as they teach you with their word and life.

Let me give one word of admonition to every spiritual leader. Always remember that you are not only to teach the Scriptures in word alone, but also in how you live. If what you teach does not match what you live, you are sending a confusing message to those you lead. What you teach and how you live need to mirror each other if you want to make an impact for righteousness to those you lead. Yes, we ought to be sure to teach God’s truth rightly, but we should also be careful to live in such a manner that our lives magnify what we teach others to do.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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