How to Grow in Grace


2 Peter 3:18 “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.”

Many misunderstandings have been used by worldly believers about living in grace. Yes, we are saved by grace. Nobody would be saved if it was not for the grace of God. Grace is simply God giving us something that we do not deserve. In other words, God gave us salvation even though we did not deserve it. The fact that God would save us by grace should motivate the believer to live in such a manner that we show God our appreciation for His grace. Now, we can NEVER lose our salvation, but we should not waste God’s grace that has been given to us.

In the verse above, the believer is commanded to “grow in grace.” To grow in grace simply means that I am a believer in grace; therefore, when I grow as a believer, I am growing in grace. This does not mean that grace grows, but it means that I grow as a believer in the grace of being saved. So, how do we grow in grace?

First, you must live a holy life. You cannot grow in grace and live worldly or in sin at the same time. Growing in grace is not done by doing what you want to do, and neither is it a license to sin. To think that grace allows you to do whatever you want without any punishment for sin is simply ignorant and foolish. Sin still has consequences even though you are saved. Yes, your sins are paid for, but being paid doesn't take away the reaping of your actions. You cannot grow as a believer while living in sin; you grow as a believer by putting away the filth of the flesh.

Second, you must push yourself to serve God. There is always pressure in growth. Too many believers want to play in the world and think that they can grow, but growth comes through pressure. You must push yourself to do more by faith if you are going to grow as a believer in the grace of being saved. Don't just get saved and stop there, but get saved and grow by being conformed into the image of Christ.

Third, you must serve others. You cannot grow in grace and live for yourself. God grows you as you give out of yourself. The more you give of yourself to others, the more you will grow. In other words, I grow in grace by becoming a conduit from God to man. I start giving of myself of what I have to help others to grow, and God gives me more of what I am giving to others. You always grow by serving others and giving of yourself to help others to grow. Stop waiting to be a “mature” believer before you start serving others, but start serving God where you are and you will find yourself growing through serving.

Fourth, you must be a soul winner. Christ came to seek and to save those who were lost, and you cannot grow in His grace without doing what Christ did on earth. Those who grow the most in grace are those who are spreading that grace to others. The more of God’s grace that you spread to the lost, the more that you will find yourself growing in grace.

Fifth, you must endure hard times without changing. Several times in the Scriptures you will find the statement, “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with” you or with your spirit. The purpose of this statement is that you will need God’s grace to help you through hard times. Hard times will always make you a better believer and will grow you IF you let them make you better with God’s grace.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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