How to Keep from Being Soon Shaken


2 Thessalonians 2:2 “That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.”

The admonition from the verse above is that the believer is not to be “soon shaken.” In other words, God is saying the believer is not to be stressed out or quickly flustered or upset over situations in life. God reminded this church that He was going to come, and His coming was to be the calming affect to help them when situations in life tried to shake them. Just like this church was admonished not to be “soon shaken,” you must guard yourself from letting anything from to shake you. Let me share with you several things that you can do to keep yourself from being soon shaken.

First, don’t react to the initial wave. The initial wave of troubles is likely not as bad as you may think. You must withstand the initial wave of troubles until they calm down, and they will calm down. It may seem bad at first, but once you get through the initial wave is when you will get a better glimpse of what is happening with your troubles. It is critical not to make decisions when the initial wave of troubles come. Many bad decisions have been made in the initial wave of troubles that made that initial wave seem calm.

Second, others have been through this before. What you are going through, others have also faced and made it. The fact that others have made it through what you are facing should encourage you that you can make it.

Third, you have likely been through this before. You have gone through problems that seem overwhelming at first and made it, and this time of problems is likely no different. The fact that you have gone through other problems like this before should help you not to be soon shaken.

Fourth, remember that God is in control. God has not lost His power to help just because life has tried to shake you. God is bigger and more powerful than any situation that you may be facing, and He can help you if you will realize that He is still in control. God has not lost control of your life because you are facing troubles; rather, He is skillfully guiding your life to become a masterpiece for His use.

Fifth, pray when life tries to shake you. Running to alcohol, drugs, or social media friends for sympathy will never change your situation one iota. Prayer is what changes things, and if you need your situation to change, you must make prayer your first reaction and not your final last gasp of hope when troubles come.

Sixth, let faith guide you and not fear when troubles come. Fear will send you into hibernation; whereas, faith will move you to keep going. Faith has never led one person down the wrong path; whereas, fear has kept many from seeing the miracles and blessings of God. You will never see God’s blessings and miracles by living in fear; you only see them by being guided by faith.

Seventh, keep doing your routines. Don't change one thing when life tries to shake you; it is your routine of serving God and doing what you always do that will help you to weather the storm. You may be shaken, but continuing your routines calms you because your routines are a constant in your life. My friend, don't be soon shaken; God will do a great work in your life and ministry IF you don’t change what you are doing.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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