How to Keep From Fainting


Galatians 6:9 “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

Everyone wants to reap the harvest of well doing, but few make it to the harvest because they quit before it comes. I believe most people want to do right, but most people don't have the fortitude and determination to work through the times when you want to faint to make it to the harvest of doing right. Nobody ever said that doing right would be easy, and nobody ever said that the harvest for doing right would come quickly. In fact, it is not easy to do right all the time, and the harvest for doing right takes patience and the strength to continue if you are going to see that harvest. So, what can you do to keep from fainting so that you can see the harvest of well doing?

First, determine not to faint. Part of not fainting is understanding the symptoms of fainting. God shows us the symptoms. Weariness with well doing tells you that fainting is not that far away if you don't do something about your weariness. If you don't become weary with well doing, you won't faint before the due season. You must determine not to quit. If you are going to make it to the harvest of well doing, you will have to do right by duty when you don't feel like doing right.

Second, know that you are in a battle. The fact that you could faint or become weary should tell you that it is a battle to get to the harvest of well doing. The battle you will have to fight is likely not with the outside, but the battle will be within you. You will have to win against your flesh daily if you are going to see the harvest of well doing.

Third, don’t get used to well doing. You become weary in well doing because you get used to the excitement of well doing. Never get used to the blessings that come from well doing. The key not to fainting before the harvest of well doing is to enjoy every victory of well doing like it is the first victory. Don't get used to what you once was excited about. If it was exciting the first time you did something, it needs to stay exciting by character. It is your character that keeps right exciting no matter how many times you do it.

Fourth, don’t let distractions sidetrack you from well doing. The reason people become weary with well doing is because they let something else sidetrack them from what they are supposed to be doing. You will always find something else that can seem exciting, but you must keep doing what you initially know to do that will get you to the harvest of well doing. You must stay focused on what you are supposed to do. There will always be opportunities of money, position, and entertainment that will pull you away from well doing, and it is when you get sidetracked with those opportunities that you become weary with well doing.

Fifth, know what gets you up when you start to become weary. Everyone gets weary at times, but the one who doesn't faint is the one who knows what to do to get them excited again about what they are doing. If you learn what excites you about what you are doing, when weariness begins to set in, do what gets you excited and the weariness will flee.

My friend, before anyone faints in well doing they became weary with it. If you don't want to faint in well doing, don't be comfortable with being weary with it. If you continually do what keeps you from being weary with well doing, you will never faint before the harvest of well doing.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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