How to Keep from Quitting

2 Corinthians 4:1
“Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not;”

Serving the LORD is not for the faint of heart. You will never make it through life and serve the LORD without having situations that will test your fortitude, determination and dedication to the LORD. There are battles that you will face in your Christian walk that will bring you to the brink, but you mustn’t quit. Life will come at you through family hardships, health issues, financial struggles, or just life in general, and in all of these things you will find yourself getting weary.

Though you can control some things in life that make you weary, there are many things you can’t control that will keep life’s load from getting too heavy. Everyone can handle life as long as they don’t add hardships to their life of their own making. The Apostle Paul cautions the church of Corinth not to faint. He gives several instructions that you can follow so that you don’t quit. Let me show you how to keep from quitting.

First, you keep from quitting by realizing your ministry. He says in the verse above, “Therefore seeing we have this ministry…” My friend, you have so many people who are depending on you that you mustn’t quit. One thing that should keep every believer from quitting is the fact that others would be disappointed and tempted to quit themselves. Every time a person quits, it tells those they lead that what they are doing is not worth fighting through. Whatever you are facing is worth fighting through because you are not representing yourself, but you are representing the LORD.

Second, you keep from quitting by remembering God’s mercy on your life. When you stop to realize all that the LORD has done for you, you will find the energy to keep going. God was merciful enough to save your soul from Hell, and every time you remember this it should give you a boost of spiritual energy to continue. You will find yourself having the fortitude to continue every time you remember what God’s mercy kept you from doing. It doesn’t matter whether God saved you out of a life of sin or from a life of sin, His mercy is a motivating factor to help the believer to continue. Every time you are tempted to quit, stop and remember what God’s mercy has done for you.

Third, renouncing the walk of dishonesty will keep you from quitting. You will always be tempted to quit as long as you straddle the fence between the world and serving Christ. When you come to the point when you no longer want anything to do with the world and its lifestyle is when you come to the point that quitting is no longer an option. The world has a way of weighing you down and making you think that the Christian walk is what is causing your problems. My friend, the Christian walk is what brings joy and satisfaction, whereas the world is what adds turmoil and chaos to your life. Don’t blame the Christian walk for the turmoil that sin has caused. Turning your back on the world will help you to keep from quitting.

Fourth, being a soul winner will help to keep you from quitting. When you make it your life to reach the lost with the Gospel, you will find that seeing people saved on a regular basis will give you the motivation to continue. Nothing charges your spiritual battery like winning someone to Christ. My advice to you is the next time you want to quit, grab your New Testament and go show someone how to get saved.

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