I Have No Man


John 5:7 “The impotent man answered him, Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool: but while I am coming, another steppeth down before me.”

One of the saddest statements in the Scriptures is found in the verse above when the impotent man said, “I have no man.” At the pool of Bethesda, an angel of God would come once a year and stir the waters. It was at the stirring of the waters that the first person into the waters was healed. This impotent man laid at that pool for thirty-eight years, and nobody cared enough for this man to carry him to the water. One has to ask, where was this man’s family to care for him enough to carry him to the troubled waters? Where were the preachers; was this man not good enough to care for? Where were the believers of this man’s day? It is not that this man didn't want to be saved; it was that there was no man to carry him into the pool when the waters were troubled.

Sadly, there are billions of people who have been crippled by sin that nobody seems to care enough for to carry the Gospel to them. Today’s problem is not that people won’t get saved, but that there are so few people who care enough to give out the Gospel to the lost. When Jesus asked this man, “Wilt thou be made whole?” this man simply said that he would, but nobody cared for him. This reply can be said about many in today’s world that there is nobody to care for the lost soul of many people today.

There is no doubt that in every city there are many people who would get saved, but people don't want to have anything to do with them because of their plight in life. Sadly, there are homeless people all over every city that nobody wants to give the Gospel to them because they “stink” and are “dirty.” My friend, I’m sure the impotent man didn't smell the best. Let’s face it; he laid at the pool for thirty-eight years waiting for someone to carry him. Yes, he was probably unshaven and dirty, but at least the Saviour cared for him. Those street people that you so disdain still have a soul, and they would probably get saved if there was someone to care for their soul.

Moreover, there are people in your town that live in bad neighborhoods who would get saved if somebody would just bring the Gospel to them. Yes, they may be a little troubled in life, but it is the Gospel that can convert the heart of the troubled person. There are children and adults who may not meet the standard of the average museum church who would get saved if you would carry the Gospel to them.

Furthermore, there are many who are addicted to drugs and alcohol that would get saved if somebody cared enough for their soul to bring them the Gospel. Yes, vices cause the addicted to do bad things, but the only thing that will change the addicted is the Gospel.

Let me ask you, are you passing by people on a daily basis who could get saved if you would care enough to give them the Gospel? The answer to this question is “Yes.” If you would stop looking for the class of the people that you want in your church and start looking for the lost you could see people saved. There are scores of people around your city who would be made whole, but there is nobody to carry them to Christ. My friend, open your eyes; there are people all around you who would be made whole. My challenge to you is to give the Gospel to everyone, and you will find someone who would be made whole.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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