I Quit

Acts 15:38
“But Paul thought not good to take him with them, who departed from them from Pamphylia, and went not with them to the work.”

Quitting is the easy thing to do, but continuing in adversity is the overcomer’s choice and action. Too many people quit because it is easy to quit, but they never realize the regret that quitting causes. If you quit now, you will always wonder what could have been had you not quit.

At some point in John Mark’s life he quit. We don’t know why he quit; we just know that at one of the most needed moments of Paul’s ministry John Mark decided to quit. The sad part about John Mark quitting is that when he could have become a part of Paul’s ministry, but his action to quit caused Paul not to want to bring him out of a lack of trust that he would continue in the hard times.

There are several reasons why people choose to quit, and let me make it clear, it is a choice to quit. You don’t have to quit; you choose to quit; however, the choice to quit instead of overcome will cause you to live with the tag of quitter for many years to come. People quit because they are self-focused, overwhelmed, or they are living in sin. It truly doesn’t matter what your reason is to quit, and you may think it is good, but quitting is never God’s will and is always a sin.

There are some things you can do to keep from quitting. First, look at what quitting does to your testimony. The world looks at you quitting and says that the Christian life is a farce. Believers will see you quitting and will lose the ability to trust you. Don’t quit, because your testimony needs you to continue.

Second, slow down, but don’t quit. Don’t step back or lay down, just slow down. When you feel like quitting because you are overwhelmed, slow down until you get the strength to increase what you are doing, but don’t quit. Stepping back is an unscriptural action, and laying down is quitting. It is better to slow down to regain your composure to continue than it is to let the overwhelming feeling destroy you. It is better to gain the help you need by slowing down than it is to step back or lay down and hurt yourself and those who are relying on you.

Third, take one more step. God has promised not to put more on you than what you can bear; therefore, when you feel like quitting, take one more step. Apparently, God knew that you could handle what you are carrying or else He would not have allowed you to pick it up. Let me encourage you to keep putting one foot in front of the other when you want to quit.

Fourth, when you want to quit, pray. Nothing will help you to overcome what is overwhelming you and give you strength to continue like prayer will. One of the biggest reasons people quit is because they have been doing the LORD’s work in their strength because of a lack of prayer. You will always find the strength to continue at the altar of prayer.

If you have quit, let me encourage you to rebuild the trust in others that you won’t quit so you can be useful again. John Mark got back in the battle and became useful to Paul again, but he had to rebuild that trust. Just because you quit doesn’t mean you have to be a quitter. Get back in the fight and rebuild your trust in others and you will go from being a quitter to a useful tool who others trust and whom God can use.

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