I Waited Patiently


Psalm 40:1 “I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.”

Two very important words are critical to understanding this verse. The first word is “waited.” The word “waited” means to serve. The psalmist was saying in this verse that he was a waiter or server for the LORD. In other words, he didn't stop and do nothing while God didn't seem to come through in his time of need, but he kept waiting on people while he waited for God to hear his prayer.

The second critical word is “patiently.” The word “patiently” means that he showed tolerance of delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. In other words, with calmness and composure he continued to do what he was supposed to do despite not having an answer. Despite his life being in a horrible pit, he served the LORD without complaining. Despite his life being stuck in miry clay, he served the LORD and helped others without showing annoyance.

Now, how did the psalmist do this? The psalmist “waited patiently” by knowing Who he was doing all of his actions for. He understood that He was doing this “for the LORD.” Had the psalmist made his actions about himself, he would have quit doing right, but because he was doing his actions for the LORD is what kept him going even though his life seemed to be stuck in a pit of miry clay.

Do you find your life seemingly stuck in a miry clay? Is your life in a pit that you can't seem to get out of? Maybe the pit or the miry clay that you are stuck in is a ministry that seems to be stuck without growth, or a marriage that seems to be stuck in disharmony, or children who rebel against everything you do, or not being able to get out of your financial mess, or you are stuck in trials that seem to have no end. I don't know what your miry clay is, but I do know this psalm gives the answer to getting out of it. Three things you must do when your life seems to be stuck in a pit of miry clay.

First, don't complain. It was the fact that the psalmist kept his composure and didn't complain or murmur while he was stuck that got God’s attention and caused Him to hear his cry. In fact, the psalmist said that the LORD “put a new song” in his mouth. One of the best ways to get through tough times is to let the songs of the LORD come from your mouth instead of complaining. Singing the songs of the LORD will do much more for your spirit in tough times than complaining ever will. When life is stuck in a pit, let the songs of the LORD lift your spirit.

Second, keep your perspective right of Who you are serving. When you realize that you are teaching a Sunday school class, running a bus route, going soul winning, or living right because you are doing it for the LORD is what will keep you doing these things in the tough times. If you are doing these things for yourself, you will quickly stop when the tough times come. Get your eyes off yourself and make your service about the LORD, and you will find it much easier to continue doing right despite whatever pit your life is stuck in.

Third, continuing is the key to God’s blessings when your life is stuck in a pit. My friend, God doesn't need to come to your rescue if you quit. The key to getting God’s blessings is to wait patiently for the LORD until He chooses to pull your life out of the pit that you are stuck in.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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