I Want a Big Mouth

by: Jason Watford

Psalm 81:10, “I am the LORD thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt: open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it.”

I was 33 years old and about to begin my first pastorate. I was in my car driving around the town of Seven Springs, NC. As I looked around, I saw several farms, many animals, turkey houses, hog farms, but not a lot of people. In fact, the population of Seven Springs, NC according to Google is only 112 people. I always dreamed of having a church with a school, a preschool, a teen choir, a junior choir, and a staff, etc. However, that day when I was driving around getting familiar with the area, I was convinced that I would never receive those things in such a small, rural little country town. The Devil began to work on me tremendously. I have always been a “go-getter” and seemingly there wasn’t much to “go get.” I remember telling my wife that if we ran 150 in years to come that it would be a miracle.

God began to convict me through His Holy Spirit because of my attitude. I was looking for bigger and better and that was just absolutely wrong of me. The good people of Seven Springs and Spring Creek Baptist did not need a preacher with one foot out of the door. I stumbled upon this verse in Psalm 81 and realized that I do not build a church. I realized that I can be in a small area or a well-populated area and that it truly did not matter; God will send who He wants me to minister to and that I needed to allow Him to do His work. When I began to realize that God could do something even in a little town, things began to happen very quickly. I began studying how God worked miracles with “smaller” things and objects in the Bible, and my heart began to realize God can do it here.  For instance, the feeding of the five thousand, God used a “little lunch,” in the falling of the walls of Jericho; God “just” had the people walk around. I could go on and on about how God doesn’t need anything big. God doesn’t need all the right conditions; He just needs me to want to be used. He wants me to have a vision and to dream big. I am convinced that many churches could grow extremely well if we BELIEVED that God would grow us. Allow me to give you some thoughts.

1. I want a big mouth with my church.

No, a church in Seven Springs should not have several hundred people at it, but God is big enough to make it happen. God wants people to get saved. God would love for churches to double in size. We must open our mouth and ask God to fill it as He said He would. Let’s have big dreams for our churches.

2. I want a big mouth with my children.

I understand that every boy cannot preach and be called into the ministry, but I would love for my boy to surrender to be a preacher. I know every girl cannot marry a preacher and work for a church, but I hope my girl does. I’m asking God to use my children, and I believe He will. Let’s have a big vision for our children. Let’s dream big for them.

3. I want a big mouth with my marriage.

Yes, I know this is elementary; however, I want to be married forever. That’s my goal! Kelli, my wife, and I got married young in life. I truly believe that we can hit 50 years of marriage together. Let’s dream big in our marriages. Let’s not settle for ten, twenty, thirty years. Let’s go bigger.

4. I want a big mouth with the ministry.

Why can’t God use me to bring a revival to my area? Why can’t God use you? He wants to use somebody. Nobody is perfect. Nobody is sinless; however, God is looking for people who believe that He is big enough to make things happen. Let’s step up and open our mouth and allow God to use us the way He wants in our Sunday school classes, Children’s churches, and ministries.

5. Lastly, I want a big mouth with church members.

I want to believe that God can use each of them. We just had our first graduate go to Bible college. I want to believe that God will change the world with him. Sure, every member may not fulfill God’s plan for their lives, but I want to dream big for my Spring Creek Baptist Church members. God wants to use them so bad. Preachers, let’s have a bigger vision than just “Come to church and tithe” for our members.

Psalms 81:10 teaches us that the bigger you dream, the bigger you make God, the bigger I believe that God can make you. Let’s have a big mouth.

Jason Watford
Spring Creek Baptist Church
Seven Springs, NC

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