I Will Be No Judge

Acts 18:15
“But if it be a question of words and names, and of your law, look ye to it; for I will be no judge of such matters.”

Judging in areas that are not your area is not a new thing, but it seems to have been taken it to a new level with the availability of social media. God makes it very clear in the Romans 14:12 that every person “shall give account of himself to God.” Does this mean that a preacher should not preach against sin? Absolutely not; however, it does mean that every person needs to understand the importance of staying in their own area.

Gallio understood the importance of this principle. When the Jews brought Paul before Gallio to judge him, Gallio told the Jews that their law was not his area to judge. He knew that civil law was his area to judge, and not the Pharisaical laws. Instead of getting into an area that was not his, Gallio said, “I will be no judge of such matters.”

Many churches, marriages, homes, relationships, friendships, and businesses have been destroyed because of people who thought it was their business to judge something that was not in their area. Gallio’s mindset of judging is a good principle that should guide your life if you want to keep yourself from hurting those things which you love and to keep yourself from getting in trouble. Let me share a few thoughts with you about not being a judge in another’s area.

First, your opinion in another’s area is not your business. Everybody has an opinion, but that doesn’t mean that you need to give it, especially when it’s not in your area of responsibility. Your opinion is just that; it’s an opinion. Just because you have an opinion doesn’t make it right. You have to ask yourself what makes your opinion right over another’s. If this world ran off opinions, it would be in chaos, which in reality is the reason much of the turmoil we see is happening.

Second, your area of responsibility is the only area in which you should give advice. Again, opinions are not right and wrong; they are just opinions. Just because someone gives their opinion doesn’t mean it is right or wrong. Don’t destroy the things you love on opinions given. Many fight over opinions when truth is the only things for which we should contend. You would be wise not to contend with others over an opinion. If they don’t want to follow your opinion, move on and don’t let it destroy your spirit.

Third, don’t give an opinion unless you are asked to give it. One great mistake that many make is they feel they MUST give their opinion even when nobody asked them. My friend, you are going to find that many people are going to shun you when you always have to give your opinion. If you are not asked to give your opinion, you would be wise to keep your opinion to yourself so that you can avoid causing turmoil in your relationships.

Fourth, don’t give an opinion if it is not in your area. Just because someone has asked your opinion doesn’t mean you have to give it. Gallio understood that giving his opinion in an area that was not his was going to cause him needless turmoil. Why involve yourself in another area that is not yours? Life is complicated enough without putting yourself in another’s area that is not yours. Let me encourage you to be careful with your opinions and understand that you don’t have to give one because you have one or because someone has asked for your opinion.

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