I Will

1 Kings 1:5
“Then Adonijah the son of Haggith exalted himself, saying, I will be king: and he prepared him chariots and horsemen, and fifty men to run before him.”

David was about to die, and the next king had not been established. Because David’s oldest son, Absalom, had been killed, the next person who should take that throne had not been dictated by David. Because David hadn’t made his desire known, Adonijah took the opportunity to declare himself king. His declaration to be king rallied some of the people of Israel, but who wasn’t called in his declaration was obvious. Nathan the prophet, the general of David’s army, and the mighty men were not called to this self-promoting man who felt he should be king.

The will of God for Israel was missed because of a man who said, “I will…” Israel didn’t need an “I will” king, but they needed God’s will in their search for a king. It wasn’t until God got involved in the setting up of the next king that Solomon was rightly promoted to be king in David’s stead. This story reveals several reasons why people miss God’s will in their lives.

First, good people don’t always find God’s will. The Scriptures say that Adonijah was a “very goodly man.” Just because you are a good person doesn’t mean you will find God’s will. Good people only means that they didn’t do anything bad. Many good people miss God’s will because they see their goodness instead of God’s righteousness.

Second, self-willed people never find God’s will. Adonijah saw his goodness, and relied on his goodness instead of God’s mind. Adonijah said, “I will” which should have been replaced with “God’s will.” You will never find God’s will until the “I will” is replaced with a “God’s will be done” desire. Many people miss God’s will because they are so wrapped up in what they want that they can’t find God’s will. It is hard to find God’s will when your will is all you can see. Your will must be removed in your life if you ever want to find God’s will for your life.

Third, position-seeking people never find God’s will. Adonijah said, “I will be king…” He was seeking position instead of just doing his job. Many people miss God’s will because they are more interested in position than they are with doing right. If you get busy doing right, you will find that God’s will will find you. God’s will always find those who are busy serving the LORD; however, God’s will is obscure to those who desire position and wait until the right position comes.

Fourth, appearance-displaying people never find God’s will. Adonijah slew sheep and oxen by abundance as a sacrifice to appear that he had done everything right. My friend, you will miss God’s will if all you do is to appear good to people instead of seeking to please God. Many people do right because they want others to see them as good, and they miss God’s will because their good works are all done out of pride. You will miss God’s will if your heart and actions are not done to please God.

Fifth, authority-avoiding people never find God’s will. You will never find God’s will by avoiding the authorities in your life. God gave you authorities to help you, and avoiding them in the time of seeking His will only reveals your self-will. God’s will can more easily be found when you let the godly authorities help you in discovering His will.

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