I’m Voting for a Major Candidate

by: Dr. Allen Domelle

It seems like every election cycle we hear that this is the most important election of our lifetime. This election cycle is no different. However, I do believe this is the most important election of my lifetime because so much is at stake for the future of our country and our religious freedoms.

What troubles me is how many Christians have declared that they are not going to vote because they feel they don’t have a choice. My response to these Christians, as sincere as they are, is that you do have a choice. Your choice may not be what you desire, but you still have a clear choice. You can vote for someone who is morally and criminally corrupt and has made it clear that they are going to limit our religious freedoms, or you can vote for someone who definitely has moral baggage, but they have vowed to be sure that our Christian liberties will be protected.

Deuteronomy 30:19 says, “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, [that] I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:” I believe this election is truly about life and death.

It is about the life of little babies in their mother’s womb. You can vote for Hillary who is willing to kill a baby, even at 9-months pregnancy, or you can vote for Trump who has vowed to protect the life of unborn babies.

This election is about whether our “seed” will have the same freedoms we hold dear, or whether they will be forced to silence because of the balance of power which is at stake in our Supreme Court. I firmly believe that this could be the most important aspect of this election. Hillary has vowed to appoint justices who will further the leftist, progressive, socialist and anti-God agenda; whereas, Trump has already given a list of justices he would appoint, all who are strict Constitutionalist who don’t believe that they have a right to change what was given to us by our forefathers.

The three reasons I am voting for a major candidate are simple.

First, Trump is the candidate who holds closest to what I believe.

He certainly isn’t a good Christian, but please name me one good Christian who has held the office of the presidency in our lifetime. The idea that we won’t vote because the candidate isn’t a Christian is absurd. If that is your position, may I kindly suggest you stop doing business with anyone who isn’t a Christian. You can say you have to live with your conscience, but you better check your conscience because I’m positive you voluntarily do business with people or organizations who don’t hold to your beliefs.

Second, a vote for a third-party candidate is a vote for corrupt Hillary.

National Center for Life and LibertyI don’t care how you put it; not voting is voting. Every time there is a major third-party candidate, they pull votes away from the candidate who does hold a chance of being elected. We saw Bill Clinton get elected because of Ross Perot. Sadly, we are still paying for this with a Hillary Clinton candidacy. The only thing you are doing by voting for a third-party is assuring that the most corrupt candidate in American history will be elected.

Third, I’m not voting for a pastor, but for a president.

I know this will get some people upset with me, but I’m tired of Christians sitting out because there are no candidates who strictly hold their so-called Christian convictions. I say so-called because these same people will eat at restaurants that serve alcohol, shop at stores that give money to organizations that don’t hold their Christian convictions, watch sports teams that promote unChristian values, and they probably watch television networks that clearly hold positions that are against just about everything they believe in. (I could go on.)

The same people who use their “moral conscience” as their excuse wouldn’t have voted for Ronald Reagan either if they used the same arguments they now hold. (Oh, I forgot, they do think he was one of the greatest presidents.) Before you cast stones at me, you might want to check Reagan’s record as a California governor. You might find that he signed legislation that promoted abortion, which he later regretted. You will also find that he was divorced, cursed, drank alcohol, and was also a part of the liberal Hollywood for many years. The difference now is that you are looking back and realizing that his direction moved right throughout the years, and may I say, so has Trump’s. No, Trump is no Reagan, and yes, Trump’s past is sinful, but at least he is moving in the right direction, even if it is a small movement.

Yes, I’m voting for a major candidate because I believe “rendering to Caesar” is a clear guide from our Saviour that I can fulfill my civic privileges and rights even if the one for whom I vote isn’t everything I believe the Scriptures says a person should be. Of course with the mindset that a candidate should be everything the Scriptures say, you couldn’t run for office either because nobody is everything a person should be, or is Romans 3:10 no longer in the Scriptures.

My friend, I beg you for the sake of your children and grandchildren not to sit out this election. Vote for the candidate who at least holds closest to what we believe. It may not be a great choice, but you still have a clear choice. If you choose to sit out, don’t complain when your religious rights are further limited or taken away. Always remember that not voting is a vote because it’s one less vote that could have helped the candidate who holds closest to what you believe from being elected.


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