Impeccable Character

Genesis 24:15
“And it came to pass, before he had done speaking, that, behold, Rebekah came out, who was born to Bethuel, son of Milcah, the wife of Nahor, Abraham’s brother, with her pitcher upon her shoulder.”

In the story about Abraham’s servant looking for a wife for Isaac, we often miss the other truths that God shows us in this chapter. The reason that Rebekah was the one whom God wanted for Isaac is because her character was impeccable. Was she a sinless young lady? Absolutely not! However, she was a young lady whose character should be mimicked and taught to every young person, and especially young ladies. Let me point out the characteristics of her impeccable character.

First, she was willing to follow. Abraham made it clear in verse 8 that the young lady who was to be the wife of his son was to follow the servant back to where Isaac lived. A young lady with character will always be a follower and won’t be demanding of her rights. I know this is contradictory to the modern day woman, but God made the lady to follow the man and not the man to follow the lady.

Second, she was a worker. In verse 15, she was getting water for the father’s livestock. Just because a lady is to be a keeper at home doesn’t mean she should be lazy. Let me caution every young man about the importance of marrying a young lady who is a worker. A lady should be a hard worker. If she is not a hard worker when she is in her parent’s house, she will not work hard when she gets married.

Third, she cared for her appearance. Verse 16 says that she “was very fair to look upon.” You don’t have to dress like the world to care for your appearance. Holy living doesn’t mean you have to be careless with your appearance. Actually, holy living motivates you to care for your appearance because you’ll realize you represent God.

Fourth, she was a virgin. Verse 16 tells us that Rebekah was a virgin. Young ladies and men should keep themselves pure until marriage. Likewise, married couples should live holy and pure lives, keeping themselves only for each other.

Fifth, she was willing to serve others. Verse 18 shows that Rebekah served Abraham’s servant. A person who is only concerned with serving themselves will make a horrible spouse. The best spouse is the person whose life is wrapped up in serving others.

Sixth, she was hospitable. Verse 25 shows that Rebekah asked Abraham’s servant to come to her house so they could care for him. A person who is not hospitable is a person who is self-centered and will only care for their own agenda. A young person should avoid someone who doesn’t want to entertain others in a spiritual and family setting.

Seventh, she had a good relationship with her family. Verse 55 shows that her whole family got along with each other. If a young person doesn’t have a good relationship with their family, they will not have a good relationship with their spouse and children. Avoid the person whose relationship with their parents is hateful and divisive.

Eighth, she followed her father’s guidance in verse 58. Young people who won’t follow their parent’s advice often won’t follow God’s will. If you want to marry someone who wants to follow God’s will, you will be wise to see if they are willing to follow their parent’s advice.

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