In All Things

Genesis 24:1
“And Abraham was old, and well stricken in age: and the LORD had blessed Abraham in all things.”

God’s eternal plan for one’s life is not always going to be made up of good things. Often, God has to take the bad things that we throw into the ingredients of our life and turn those things into good. Certainly, if the only ingredients put into our life were the ingredients that God placed in our life, it would make sense that all things in life turn out good. However, God is very capable of taking the bad ingredients that we included in the recipe of our life, and the adversities and good things that He places in our lives, and turn them all into good.

An interesting phrase is mentioned in the verse above that when considered, could bring question to the mind of the believer. God said, “…and the LORD had blessed Abraham in all things.” It says that God blessed Abraham “in all things.” In other words, “in all things” includes the time spent in Egypt, Ishmael being born out of an adulterous affair, bringing Lot with him on his journey when he was supposed to go alone, Isaac being offered as a sacrifice, and the casting out of Ishmael as a teenage boy. Now, I am not saying that God condoned the sin in Abraham’s life, but I am saying that God turned around the bad that Abraham included and somehow made it a blessing. My friend, God is very capable of taking “all things,” even if “all things” are bad, and turn them into blessings. Let me give you four thoughts that will encourage you with this truth.

First, only God can take the bad of your life and make it good. The only way you can turn the bad of your life into good is to give your life to God. Certainly, the bad things in your life are bad, but God can take those things and turn them into good. However, the bad of your life will continue to be bad as long as you don’t give everything in your life to Him.

Second, what you consider a bad ingredient is still an ingredient in God’s recipe. Just because you think an ingredient is bad doesn’t mean that it’s an ingredient that God can’t use. God took a wife leaving her husband, Charles Weigle, to touch his heart so that he would write the blessed song, No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus. What you consider a bad ingredient in your life is still an ingredient that God can use to become a blessing to you and others. My friend, God doesn’t need your approval of an ingredient to make it good. He is very capable of taking “all things” and turn them into good so that they can be a blessing to your life as well as to the lives of others.

Third, all things do work together for good. The verse above is a life commentary of Romans 8:28. Stop trying to throw out what you consider the bad ingredients that have been placed in your life and give it to God to mix into the recipe of your life so that it can become a blessing. You can’t undo the bad ingredients you have thrown into your life, and the “bad” ingredients that God includes are all part of a mix that God is capable of turning into good so that He receives the glory from your life.

Fourth, you’ll never realize God’s blessings if you quit before God’s done mixing the recipe of your life. God can’t bless you “in all things” if you quit before He’s done mixing those ingredients of your life. You may be going through tough times in your life, but you will see the good that God is mixing in your life if you don’t quit.

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