In God’s Timing

Isaiah 49:8
“Thus saith the LORD, In an acceptable time have I heard thee, and in a day of salvation have I helped thee: and I will preserve thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, to establish the earth, to cause to inherit the desolate heritages;”

God’s timing rarely agrees with man’s timing. We are apt to desire for God to do something now instead of waiting for God to work things out in His timing. It is not uncommon for the believer to get frustrated with God when He doesn’t seem to work things out according to the desired timeline, but one thing has been proven through time and that is God is always on time.

However, it is during the waiting time that many believers miss the great acts of God because they are too busy whining and complaining about God not doing what they want Him to do. The verse above reveals several attributes about God that you would never know about if God gave you what you wanted in your timing. Let me share with you the great attributes of God that you will discover while you wait on God’s timing.

First, you will discover that God hears while you wait on His timing. He says in the verse above, “I heard thee.” You would never learn that God hears you if He immediately took care of your every problem. Until God chooses to take care of your problems, you can be assured that He hears your prayers.

Second, you will discover that God helps you while you wait on His timing. The verse above continues to say, “I helped thee.” So many great stories can be told how God helped in children while they waited on Him. One of the greatest things about trials is how you discover the helping hand of God while you go through them. You will never discover that hand without having to wait on God.

Third, you will discover that God preserves you while you wait on Him. The verse continues to say, “I will preserve thee.” The power of God is discovered in trials while you wait on God to deliver you. You will never know God’s ability and great power to deliver if you run from every hardship. You will only discover His power when you wait on the LORD to see what He will do to deliver you.

Fourth, you will discover that God comforts you while you wait on Him. God says in verse 13, “…for the LORD hath comforted his people…” The comfort that God gives is His reassurance that He will deliver you in His timing. The comfort that so many people have discovered has been discovered while they waited on God. You would never know the comfort of God if you didn’t have to wait; however, you do know how God comforts because you have had to wait on Him.

Fifth, you will discover God’s mercy while you wait on Him. God continues to say in verse 13, “…and will have mercy upon his afflicted.” Every believer can look back after God came through and realize how merciful He was while they endured trials. God’s mercy is only discovered while you have to wait on Him.

Do you find yourself being impatient with God? Let me encourage you to stop complaining about God not coming through and enjoy the benefits He performs while you wait on Him. You will always discover the greatness of God while you have to wait on Him. Don’t be impatient and miss these great discoveries.

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