Lamentations 1:12
“Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? behold, and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow, which is done unto me, wherewith the LORD hath afflicted me in the day of his fierce anger.”

Jeremiah was astonished at the indifference of God’s people. He was shocked how apathetic these people were to the sins they saw. He was amazed that they didn’t care that they were headed towards captivity. He said, “Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by?” The indifference of these people was the reason they ended up in their sinful condition.

It seems that many Christians today seem to be indifferent towards the compromise and sin that so many flaunt for everyone to see. It doesn’t seem that Christians care about the attack against God’s Word. It doesn’t seem that many care about the demise of their nation and their churches. Many Christians have the mentality that as long as it doesn’t affect them, they just don’t care.

My friend, indifference has no place in the heart of the Christian. You must always remember that an indifferent attitude is a reflection of your commitment to truth. When people don’t care, they are revealing their degree of commitment to the cause of Christ. When you are committed to the cause of Christ, it will bother you when His cause is besmeared by the compromising Christian.

Moreover, indifference shows the selfishness of the Christian. When a person has the attitude that they won’t care as long as something doesn’t affect them, they are revealing that life is all about them. When you come out of yourself and stop making yourself the focus of life, it will bother you when you see sin and compromise. There are a couple of things you can do to keep from letting indifference control your life.

First, see things through the eyes of God. When you look through the eyes of God, you will care about things that are not right. The reason Ezekiel cared about what he saw was because God allowed him to see things the way that He saw them. When God’s Word becomes the focal point of your life, indifference will have no place to reside in your heart. It is truly easy to deal with indifference; all you have to do is see things through God’s eyes.

Second, be all-in with everything you do for the LORD. The only reason someone becomes indifferent is because they have their efforts focused on the things of the world. There is only one reason you would be indifferent towards compromise, and that is because you agree with the compromise. God’s work has no place for fence-straddlers. God’s work needs Christians who are all-in for His cause. When you put your whole effort into the things of the LORD, you will care when things are not done right, and when sin or compromise hinder the work you are trying to do. Don’t let your hesitation to be totally involved in the LORD’s work be the catalyst that leads to indifference.

My friend, when you see yourself not caring about sin or compromise, let that indifference be the alarm that sounds in your heart to remove whatever is causing it. God’s work needs Christians who care about what they do. One of the greatest hindrances to the LORD’s work is indifference. If we are going to change our world for Christ, we are going to have to remove the indifference and become passionate about what we do for the LORD.

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