Ingredients of Productive Prayers


Genesis 24:42 “And I came this day unto the well, and said, O LORD God of my master Abraham, if now thou do prosper my way which I go:”

The prayer above is one of the great prayers in the Scriptures. This prayer was the result of a servant who wanted to please his master quickly. Abraham had sent his servant to find a wife for Isaac. This task alone seemed to be impossible when you consider that Abraham wanted this servant to find a lady who would leave her family to marry someone that she nor her family had never met. This servant realized the great task ahead, and he realized that the only one who could make this possible was God. This is what caused this servant to pray, and this is what caused him to pray in the manner in which he prayed. The ingredients of his prayer show what makes a productive prayer. Let me share these ingredients with you.

First, a productive prayer is a detailed prayer. This servant was very detailed with God about how he wanted the prayer to be answered. Too many people are afraid to be detailed in their prayers because they are afraid that God won’t answer their prayers. General prayers show no faith because you are praying in generalities, whereas detailed prayers show faith that God can answer every detail. When you get past the fear of God not answering your prayer is when you will become more specific about your needs. The fact that your prayer is very detailed in what you want from God shows your faith in God’s ability to answer prayer.

Second, a productive prayer is a faith-filled prayer. There was much faith in the prayer of this servant, and that is what pleased God. When a believer’s prayer is a faith-filled prayer is when the believer’s pray will please God. Stop dumbing down your prayers out of fear that they may not be answered and fill your prayers with faith to see God do the miraculous. It is the faith-filled prayer that grabs God’s attention because only God can answer a prayer of faith.

Third, a productive prayer is filled with vision. The fact that the servant asked God to “prosper” his way shows his vision for God to do more for him. Are your prayers filled with vision? Do you want God to do greater things through you? There is nothing wrong with a desire for God to do more. Too many people have criticized those who have a desire and a vision for God to do something great through them, but if they read the Scriptures they would see that the great prayers in the Scriptures were filled with a vision for God to do something greater. Let me ask you, where is the desire for God to do something great? Have you lost that pioneering spirit for God to increase what you have? Have you lost the vision for God to do something great through you because of faithless believers around you? One of the great needs of our day is for believers to have prayers of great vision that takes an Omnipotent God to answer.

Fourth, a productive prayer is always followed by faith actions. Immediately after this servant prayed, he went on his way to do what he prayed. Praying and sitting waiting for God to answer without actions of faith is asking God to entitle you to answered prayers. God wants to see the faith of the believer before He answers those great prayers of faith. Faith actions will always follow your belief that God can answer the prayer. My friend, stop waiting for the answer and start doing what it takes for the answer to happen, and you will see God answer your prayer.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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