Inner Adversaries


1 Corinthians 16:9 “For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.”

Paul said to the Corinthian church that he had a “great door and effectual” door opened to him. The excitement that Paul faced about having this opened door so that souls could be saved must have been tremendous. Sadly, Paul faced many adversaries that would try to close this open door that would affect so many people.

You cannot expect Satan to sit idly by when God opens a great door that will affect so many lives. You are going to face adversaries when God opens doors. There are people without who are going to try to stop what you are doing for God. There are people who won't like you, and they will do everything in their power to stop you. Some of these adversaries are expected because they are of the world, but there are also adversaries who will surprise you because they are supposed to be born again believers. However, the biggest adversaries that you will face with open doors will come from within. The inner battles you will have to fight to walk through open doors will be great. Let me point out several inner adversaries you will face when God opens effectual doors for you.

Sin is the first inner adversary you will face. Sin has closed many doors on believers. Many open doors have been closed on many believers because they refuse to deal with sin. You cannot expect God to use you when you refuse to deal with sin in your life. If you want to see God continue to open doors in your life, you are going to have to get victory over the besetting sins in your life that will close those doors.

Apathy is the second inner adversary you will face. A lack of enthusiasm or concern for what God can do has closed many open doors. You can't expect God to use you when you have an indifferent heart towards the ministry, and especially soul winning. You have a big problem you need to deal with when you are more excited about worldly affairs than you are about the doors that God has opened for you.

Doubt is the third inner adversary you will face. You can't live by faith and let doubt rule in your heart. It takes faith to walk through the great, effectual doors that God has opened, but doubt will quickly slam those doors closed. You will have to slam the door on doubt and let faith rule your decisions if you want to see the effects of the open doors.

Lack of initiative is the fourth inner adversary you will face. It takes work to walk through open doors, and a lack of initiative to work will keep you from realizing the fruit you could have by walking through those open doors. It is foolish to think you can walk through open doors without work. Every open door takes hard work to see it accomplished; don't let your lack of initiative keep you from walking through that door.

Compromise is the fifth inner adversary you will face. Many people have been unwilling to fight for truth and allowed compromise to set in only to see the doors that God has opened close. My friend, you will have to have a stomach to fight for the truth if you are going to see the results of the open doors. Most believers want God to open great and effectual doors for them, but they don't want to fight compromise to keep those doors open. Compromise closes the doors that God has opened; don't let your unwillingness to fight the battle for truth close those doors.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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