James 1:8 “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

If you have ever driven a vehicle with a tire out-of-balance, you will know the difficulty that the wobble in the tire causes. The out-of-balance tire makes the trip less enjoyable and makes you work harder to drive. In fact, the out-of-balance tire makes you feel your car is unstable, and it wears you out more than driving with a balanced tire.

When God says that a double minded man is unstable, He is saying several things about that man. God is saying that the double minded man is unbalanced, unreliable, insecure, inconsistent, and unreliable. Each of these words describes the double minded man. The man who is double minded cannot make up his mind; thus, it results in every one of his ways being unstable.

Instability in life is a result of an individual being double minded. When you get a person who stops being double minded, you will find that person’s ways become very clear, not only for the individual, but also for those who look on the life of that person. When a person stops being double minded, they become a reliable person who is consistent in what they do and believe. Let me share a few thoughts about how to stop the instability in your life of being double minded.

First, you can’t run in two worlds and expect stability in your life. You can't play in the world and serve God simultaneously. The reason a believer struggles is because they have never chosen to serve God with their entire being and life. Likewise, a person who can't make up their mind about serving God full-time becomes unstable, and their instability affects every area of their life. My friend, if God’s salvation was good enough for you to choose, then why is the life He wants you to live so hard to choose and follow? If God’s salvation is that good, and it is, then the life that He commands you to live will produce the same good results if you will live it.

Second, settle what you believe and what you are going to do. You cannot be double minded in your beliefs and expect stability in your life. Stop looking for another way to do things if the old paths are the right paths to walk. I settled many years ago what I believe, and what I believe is not up for reconsideration or negotiation. I don't need to revisit my principles and beliefs of the old paths; that was settled by faith and by the example of those who walked those paths. If you settle what you believe, you will also settle the methods you will follow. Your beliefs dictate your methods. The reason so many are changing methods is because they have never settled that the old paths are the best paths to walk. It is time you settle what you believe.

Third, once you settle these, don’t change! Stop jumping from one thing to the next; just stick with what you have settled. Watch out for the men who keep on changing their programs because they are likely changing their beliefs as well. Once you settle what you believe, do it! The methods of the old paths won't work if you get off the paths before they can get you to the blessed destination. Stability in life, both the personal life and the spiritual life, is realized by settling what you believe and doing it without change or consideration of change. When you stop being double minded, you will find your life becoming stable and your ways being unchanged.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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