Irresistible Qualities


Acts 6:10 “And they were not able to resist the wisdom and the spirit by which he spake.”

The wisdom and the spirit of Stephen were irresistible to those he was trying to help. They knew what he was saying was true, but the spirit by which he spoke the truth made a big difference. Stephen’s spirit was not one of anger or hate, but one of a broken heart for people who were blinded by their religion. When you have the wisdom of God and the right spirit in which you deliver that wisdom, people will not be able to stop the truth you are trying to bring to them.

One great secret to successfully helping people is having the wisdom to help them, but also having the right spirit in which you deliver that wisdom. Many people have found their ability to help people limited because of either a lack of wisdom or a wrong spirit in which they try to deliver that wisdom. Let me share several observations about the need for wisdom and the right spirit.

First, wisdom alone often makes a person seem arrogant. Just because you have wisdom does not make you better than someone else. When people throw their education around, it only reveals their pride and arrogance. You are not someone special just because you are educated. Education without wisdom breeds arrogance. What you know does matter to how much you can help people, but wisdom alone makes an individual a know-it-all, and nobody wants to be around a know-it-all.

Second, spirit alone often makes a person seem shallow. There are some people whose spirit is amazing, but that is all they have, their spirit. Their wisdom is little, and others perceive them as shallow. You can have a wonderful spirit, but a wonderful spirit without wisdom is empty.

Third, wisdom and the wrong spirit waste the wisdom that can help. Some deliver wisdom in a spirit of hate, and it negates the ability of wisdom to help. Some deliver wisdom in arrogance, and it hampers the ability to help the ones to whom the wisdom is taught. Having a wrong spirit destroys wisdom’s ability to help those it could have helped had it been delivered in the right spirit.

Fourth, the right spirit without wisdom cannot help the one it is trying to help. You must work on your spirit, but you must also increase in wisdom if you want your right spirit to be able to help many. It is wonderful to have the right spirit, but you must increase in wisdom if you want to help more people. It was said about Jesus that he increased in wisdom. The reason Jesus was able to help others to the great degree that He did was because He didn't become satisfied with the wisdom that He had while on earth. To say that wisdom doesn't matter is to say that you don't need God’s Word because it is the source of all wisdom.

Finally, your spirit dictates how many your wisdom will help, and your wisdom dictates how much your spirit will allow you to help. One of the mightiest tandem tools to help people is having the wisdom to help and the right spirit to deliver that wisdom. The more wisdom you have, the more people you will be able to help, but the better your spirit is dictates the potential that your wisdom will reach. The most irresistible quality is an individual who uses a right and godly spirit to deliver the wisdom of God to others. These two qualities working together will allow you to help many.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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