It’s a Sin Problem

Matthew 24:12
“And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”

Jesus warned His disciples that there would come a day when the “love of many shall wax cold.” In other words, there would come a day when those who once used to be on fire for the LORD would find themselves not as fiery for the souls of men, preaching, praying and walking with the LORD in the Scriptures. Jesus also gives the reason as to why the love of people would wax cold, and the reason is because “iniquity shall abound.”

To say that “iniquity shall abound” is more than just saying that someone is doing wrong, but Jesus is saying that their iniquity is overflowing. It is sad that any person would do so much sin that it overflows onto others. If you want to keep your love for the LORD right, you are going to have to guard your life from iniquity. Let me give a few observations that will help you to guard your life from iniquity so that your love can stay warm.

First, abounding iniquity starts with one sin. Iniquity can’t overflow from your life if you keep yourself from one sin. All sin starts with the first sin. If you never look at the first bad picture, you will never have a chance to let immoral lusts to control your mind. If you never partake of a vice the first time, you will never be addicted to the vice. If you never allow a bad attitude the first time, you will never find your attitude controlled by anger. If you never allow yourself not to forgive someone the first time, you will never see bitterness abound in your life. The most significant key to keeping iniquity from abounding in your life is to never commit the sin for the first time. Always remember that you will never commit a sin the second time if you don’t commit it the first time.

Second, when iniquity abounds, your love for others will languish. Iniquity has a way of making you self-focused. When you are self-focused, your love for others will wane. The reason you have problems loving someone is because your iniquity has gotten you so focused on yourself that you can’t see how to love the person you once used to love. Many marriages and families have found a lack of love because someone allowed iniquity into their life. My friend, the only reason you can’t love someone like you used to is because you have allowed sin into your life.

Third, iniquity abounds because someone came between you and who you should love. You will notice in the verses preceding the verse above that iniquity abounded because someone deceived you by getting you to look at them instead of keeping your eyes on the one you are supposed to love. The easiest way to guard your love life with God or any person is to guard who you allow into your life. If you keep the wrong people out of your life, you will keep the right love for those whom you are supposed to love.

Fourth, you fix the iniquity problem by loving who you should love. You will find that when you love God the way you are supposed to love Him, you will have no problems with iniquity abounding in your life. Your iniquity problem is a love problem, and all love problems can be fixed by removing anything that would keep you from loving God, your spouse, your parents, or any person in your life whom God would want you to love. Your love for God and others will always be what it should be if you keep those who introduce iniquity away from your life.

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