It’s Not a Playground


Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

Anything worth doing will not be easy; in fact, you will find that the things that will make the greatest impact in life for good are accomplished through struggle and determination. When I went into evangelism as a young preacher, I knew that it would not be easy. I had nobody to help me make it but God. There were well known preachers that discouraged me from being an evangelist, but I knew that God had called me. After several years of being an evangelist, young men started calling me who wanted to be an evangelist for advice on how to get started in evangelism. My advice was probably not what they were looking for because it involved hard work and faith. It wasn’t easy being an evangelist for twenty-eight years; in fact, it was a constant battle.

When God led me to the pastorate, I knew that it would be a battle to see something happen. There were many who thought I would never make it as a pastor because they felt I was “too hard” of a preacher. Some believed that I would fail because they thought that the things I said as an evangelist would not work as a pastor. I knew it would not be easy to pastor because nothing is easy in the LORD’s work. I didn't take a church that was running in the hundreds; rather, I took a small church with old buildings that had some great people who wanted to see God do something, and with the LORD’s help we have grown tremendously.

The verse above is the key to our success. God says that we can do all things through Him, but the key is found at the end of the verse when He says, “which strengtheneth me.” The word “strengtheneth” means to empower, enable, or continually make stronger. God is saying that it is not a playground to do all things, but it is a battlefield to do all things through Him. Now, why is it a battlefield?

First, it is a battlefield because you will have to fight yourself. One of the greatest victories you will win is the battle to tell yourself to keep going. Anybody can start something, but few are willing to fight through the difficulties to get all things done. There will be days when you won’t feel like doing all things, but you must will yourself to do it, and as you do it, the LORD will strengthen you.

Second, it is a battlefield because the battle will take your strength. The reason you need the LORD’s help in fighting the battles is because He is the One who gives you the strength you need for that day. The fact that God says that He “strengtheneth” us means that He gives us strength, and gives us strength, and gives us strength again until we accomplish all things. In other words, God gives us the strength we need for the moment, but we must continually get strength as we keep going forward.

Third, it is a battlefield because of the complexity of the battle. God says that we can do “all” things. In other words, we are doing many things at one time which can be too many things for us, but with God strengthening us, we can do ALL things. The more you do for God, the easier it is to be overwhelmed with ALL things, but you can do all things if you rely on God for strength. My friend, you just need to keep taking one more step because you will find that once you take the step that God will give you the strength to take one more step until you get all things done. Whatever you do, don't quit.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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