Keeping a Positive Workspace Environment


1 Peter 2:18 “Servants, be subject to your masters with all fear; not only to the good and gentle, but also to the froward.”

Keeping a positive workspace environment is no easy task. The average workplace is a place of griping and complaining about how bad the boss or owners are to the employees. However, it is amazing how those who gripe never go to get a new job, and they always enjoy cashing their paychecks every week. Maybe it is not the boss or owners who are bad, but maybe it could be the attitude of the employees who tend to be complainers who rob the owner of time they are supposed to be working by talking and browsing on social media while they are being paid.

God commands in the verse above to be “subject to your masters.” It is interesting that God didn't say to be subject to your boss if they are good, but He said to be subject to them even if they are “froward.” In other words, you are to be subject to your boss whether they are good or bad. You are going to have a hard time being subject to someone who you continually complain or gripe about. You would find that it would be much easier to be subject to your boss if you created a positive workspace environment. Let me share some ways to keep a positive workspace environment.

First, you create a positive workspace environment by working hard. I have found that when you are busy working that you have no time to complain; therefore, if you have time to complain, it is because you are not busy working. The harder you work on the job, the more positive you will become about where you work.

Second, you create a positive workplace environment by being thankful. Verse 19 talks about being “thankworthy” to be subject to your master. You will find that a thankful attitude about having a job will always help your disposition towards where you work. You can be thankful because your boss didn't have to hire you, but they did; therefore, you should be thankful that you have a job that helps you to pay your bills.

Third, you create a positive workspace environment by not spending time with griping employees. The only way that griping employees can gripe is if there is a listening ear that listens to the griping. If nobody will listen to the griping employees, the griping employees cannot gripe. Sadly, most employees gripe about how much they have to do. My friend, you ought to be thankful that you have plenty to do because that is what allows your boss to keep you employed; you could have nothing to do and be laid off. The fact that your boss expects you to work hard is reasonable because they are giving you a paycheck. To expect your boss to be happy with you being a slacker is ludicrous. Your boss needs you to produce so they can pay the bills. Always understand that your boss is not in business to lose money, but they are in business to make it. If you want to get a raise, work harder and stop complaining because the more you produce, the more your boss will have money coming in to give you a raise.

Last, you create a positive workspace environment by praying for your boss and owner. Praying will do a whole lot more for them than griping will ever do. I have learned that I am more positive towards those for whom I pray. Your prayer life is the key to creating a positive workspace environment. Prayer will help your boss much more than complaining will ever do.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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