Keeping Your Integrity

Psalm 26:1
“Judge me, O LORD; for I have walked in mine integrity: I have trusted also in the LORD; therefore I shall not slide.”

Being a person of integrity will not be done by mistake. If you keep your integrity, you are going to have to do it on purpose. Living a moral life and having character is a choice you must make if you want to keep your integrity. The promise God gives to those who keep their integrity is that they will not slide. In other words, integrity keeps you from backsliding. In this psalm, eight things must be done if you are going to keep your integrity.

First, you must trust the LORD in everything that you do if you are going to keep your integrity. You cannot live a life of questioning what the LORD is doing in your life and keep your integrity. Those who trust the providence of the LORD are those who will keep their integrity and keep from doing foolish actions.

Second, keep a short account with the LORD. The psalmist asked the LORD in verse 2 to examine him. In other words, he didn’t want anything in his life that would harm his relationship with the LORD. A person of integrity is only concerned with how the LORD sees them and not with how they portray themselves to others. You will only keep your integrity if you let God be the mirror of your soul and character.

Third, live right. Verse 3 says, “I have walked in thy truth.” Living right always keeps your integrity safe. You can’t keep your integrity and live a life of sin. Doing right all the time is at the core of a person’s integrity.

Fourth, keep the right associations. Verses 4-5 show the importance of your associations and your integrity. You can’t keep your integrity and run with people whose integrity is in question. Your associations tell more about your integrity than what you portray yourself to be or what you tell others about yourself. You can’t have associations with questionable people and with people whose spiritual integrity is weak and keep your integrity. Your weakest association shows the strength of your integrity. If you have weak associations, you have poor integrity.

Fifth, make the altar a familiar place. Verse 6 shows that a person must use the altar if they are going to keep their integrity. People of integrity are not sinless people, but they are people who quickly use the altar to get right when they do wrong.

Sixth, tell others about the LORD. Verse 7 shows that one of the easiest ways to keep your integrity is to tell others about Jesus. Being a soul winner has a way of forcing you to live a righteous life. I’m not saying that soul winners are better than others, but I am saying that they will have less struggle with doing wrong than those who never tell others about the LORD.

Seventh, don’t look for the acceptance of men. In verse 11, you will see that a person of integrity is more concerned with their integrity than they are with what others think about them. You will struggle with your integrity if you must always be accepted by the crowd.

Eighth, don’t be a person of change. Verse 12 talks about standing in an “even place.” Stop looking for the newest thing. Keep doing what you know to do and you will find it much easier to keep your integrity.

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