Key Actions that Make a Difference in a Church

Acts 2:46
“And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart,”

The early church in the Book of Acts found the secret to what makes a church go forward for Christ. The believers in the early church found out several keys that caused them to make a difference in their city, and eventually around the world. These keys will help your church if you make sure they are a part of your daily actions. Let me share these key actions with you.

The first key action is found in one word, “they.” The work of God cannot be done alone and make an impact on the city. If your church is going to make an impact on its city, everyone in your church must get involved. It cannot be a few people doing the work of God to make a difference in your area, but every person must get involved if your church is to have an influence and make a difference in your city.

The second key action is “continuing.” You must never stop doing what you know is right to do. Too many churches quit doing what is right because they don’t see immediate results, but you must continue doing what is right even when you don’t see the results. Moreover, you can’t quit just because times get tough. My friend, the key to any great work being accomplished is to continue when times are tough. You will always have a reason to quit if you quit when times get tough.

“Continuing daily” is the third key action. God’s work can’t be a time clock or penance mentality if God is going to do a great work. You must do God’s work every day if God is going to do a great work through your church. You are sure to see your church flounder if the only time you walk with God is at service times, and the only time you soul win is at the scheduled soul winning times.

Being in “one accord” is the fourth key action. You must put aside your personal differences so that work of God can go forward. Pettiness has no place in the work of the LORD. Too many churches are divided over petty things that really are nothing more than mere personal preferences. You must set aside your personal preferences and pettiness if you want your church to become an army that attacks Hell and reaches the lost for Christ.

“Gladness” is the fourth key action. Attitude means everything in the work of the LORD. Your attitude towards serving God and those who lead you mean everything to reaching the lost. God is not going to do a work through a bunch of grumpy believers who complain about everything they don’t like. The enjoyment of serving God will be discovered if you will get your attitude right.

The last key action is to serve the LORD with “singleness of heart.” You can’t have a double-heart and serve the LORD successfully. You must serve the LORD wholeheartedly without any reservation of going back to the world if you want God to do something mighty through you and your church. If the world is still an option for you, you will struggle in your service to God.

YOU are the key to your church having these actions. Every individual believer makes up the church, which means you must perform these actions if your church is going to make a difference in these areas.

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