Leadership Musts

Nehemiah 11:22
“The overseer also of the Levites at Jerusalem was Uzzi the son of Bani, the son of Hashabiah, the son of Mattaniah, the son of Micha. Of the sons of Asaph, the singers were over the business of the house of God.”

The building of the wall and the temple could not have been done if Nehemiah and Ezra had poor leadership skills. What made them so successful were the leadership musts they employed. Both men had different leadership styles, but both men understood there were some qualities every successful leader must have if they want to see the work they are pursuing to succeed. Let me share with you four leadership musts that these men had.

Delegation is the first leadership must. The key word in the verse above is, “overseer.” Nehemiah and Ezra understood that they could not oversee every task that needed to be done, so they both learned to delegate jobs to loyal and capable men. No leader will exceed their potential unless they learn to delegate. One of the common mistakes of struggling leaders is that they never trust anyone to do tasks; or, they don’t think anyone is good enough to delegate responsibilities to. You are going to have to get over both of these obstacles if you want what you are doing to reach greater heights. Delegating is one of the greatest ways to get people to grow, and it is one of the greatest ways to develop yourself as a leader.

Deadlines are the second leadership must. In verse 23, you see there were deadlines set for these people to be given money to meet their needs. Deadlines will always get things done. You cannot give someone an open-ended task because nothing will be finished without a deadline. Whenever you give someone a job to do, you must always attach a deadline for when you want it to be done. If what you are delegating is important, you must attach a deadline for when it must be done. It is amazing what is accomplished when deadlines are attached to a task or responsibility.

Dedication is the third leadership must. These men were dedicated to the work of the house of God. Uncommitted leaders will hurt any organization. If someone is not committed to what they are doing, it will always show in the quality of their work. Dedicated people tend to give their best to what they are doing. Uncommitted leaders tend to be passive about the effort they give to their responsibilities. One thing that must be required of any leader is dedication to their responsibility. The most productive leaders are the leaders who are dedicated to their cause and responsibilities.

Direction is the fourth leadership must. These men kept their eyes on God, and that is what allowed them to finish building the wall and the temple. In the work of the LORD, we must keep our eyes on the LORD. When your eyes are directed towards the LORD, you will find that the coming and going of others around you won’t be a hindrance to what you are doing. When you direct your eyes toward the LORD, there is nothing that can stop your cause from going forward. Leadership will always lose momentum without proper direction of vision and purpose.

My friend, these four things mentioned are not something leaders should think about having, these are four qualities they must have to succeed. If what you are doing is important, then these four things must be qualities you have to help your cause and organization to flourish.

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