Leadership Necessities


Joshua 1:9 “Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.”

When Joshua took over the leadership of Israel, the void he had to fill seemed big, but His God was bigger than the void he had to fill. It would be easy to think that it was impossible to follow Moses successfully as his leadership and the works that God did through him were miraculous. However, the God of Moses was also the God of Joshua, and God reminded Joshua that He would be with him as he was with Moses. In the verse above, there were four traits that God told Joshua he needed if he was going to lead Israel into the Promised Land. These four traits are necessary for every leader of every level if they are going to lead people in the right direction. Let me share these traits with you.

The first trait needed is strength. People will not follow weak leaders. This does not mean that you have to browbeat people into following you, but you have to be strong. The word “strong” carries several definitions that describe a strong leader. A strong leader is determined, tenacious, resilient, and secure in their role as they lead. A strong leader will give the people they lead security that they are doing the right thing. You cannot be weak and expect your followers to follow you. Strong leadership doesn’t let the outside dictate their direction or spirit, but they draw their strength from God and exhibit confidence in troubled times.

The second trait needed is courage. You can't be afraid to do something big for God and expect people to rally to your cause. You have to believe that God can still do great things despite the odds being against you. We live in times when most say that the great works of God can no longer be accomplished, but a courageous leader will not be afraid to attempt great things for God because they believe He is still able to do for this generation what He has done for past generations.

The third trait needed is fearlessness. You cannot lead in fear; you must lead in faith. Faith leadership believes that God is able to protect you and do the miraculous when the fear-mongers tell you to shut down. Great leaders lead by faith and not by fear. You cannot lead by faith when you are listening to the fear-feeders of society. God could do great works through you if you stopped letting the fear-feeders dictate your policies and start letting faith dictate what you will do. People need leaders whose faith is big and who follow the faith world instead of the cosmos world. People want to be part of something impossible, and only a fearless leader who lets faith dictate their vision will accomplish this.

The fourth trait needed is direction. You will have failure as a leader, but you cannot try to find a new way to do things just because a failure occurred. Instead of being dismayed because of failure, you need to keep the same direction by following the old paths. People will not follow you when you don't have a clear direction of what you are trying to do. Yes, you will face opposition and failure, but that shouldn’t change your direction. You cannot get to the right destination if you keep changing your direction before the direction has time to bear fruit. Determine early what your direction is and don't change directions; it is those who stayed the course of their direction that have found God’s blessings and miracles. My friend, when you realize Who is with you, it will not be hard to stay the course no matter what you face.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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