Let All Things Be Done

1 Corinthians 16:12
“Let all your things be done with charity.”

The church of Corinth was not the prime example to follow in what a church should be, but they were a prime example to learn from to help you and your church to become what you should be. One of the greatest things we can learn from this church is how we should serve the LORD. Three times it is said to this church, “Let all things…be done…,” In these three verses, God teaches four lessons of how the believer should serve the LORD.

First, let all things be done to edify. 1 Corinthians 14:26 says, “…Let all things be done unto edifying.” God was dealing with a church that was caught up in actions that caused divisions. Everything that you do should be done to build another person’s life. Sadly, many people do things that will build their resume of their “greatness” or “marketability” instead of doing things to build people. If you forget about what others think of you and get busy building people, you will find that people will want to be involved with you and your ministry.

Second, let all things be done decently. 1 Corinthians 14:40 says, “Let all things be done decently and in order.” The word “decently” is talking about doing things to a standard. The standard for the believer is excellence. You can always do your best with every task you perform. God is not asking you to do another’s best, but He is telling you to do your best. God is not interested in the believer settling for mediocrity because His work is a work of excellence and not an average work. If you expect excellence in all that you do, you never settle for second best in anything that you do.

Third, let all things be done in order. Doing things in order means to be organized in what you do. God is a God of organization. Many people are so disorganized with what they do, and then they wonder why God can’t bless it. I can certainly understand that there comes a point when you are so overwhelmed that organizing everything that you do can seem impossible, but if you would take the time to organize what you do for the LORD, you would find that God is able to do more through your efforts for Him.

Fourth, let all things be done with charity. Charity is a love that is willing to put up with another’s weakness while you work with them. The work of God is not done with perfect people but with imperfect people; therefore, you will have to be long-suffering and kind to those people as they grow into what God wants them to become. If you are overbearing with people while they are growing, you will eventually cause them to despise you and want nothing to do with you.

Let me ask you, are you doing everything to the standard by which God wants you to do them? My friend, God is not going to judge you by what another person does, but He is going to judge you by what He knows you can do. It doesn’t matter what you think about how others are performing, but it does matter if you are living to the standard of how God wants you to perform.

Furthermore, God is concerned with every task you perform. God didn’t say, “Let some things be done…,” but He said, “Let all things…be done…” Let me ask you, are you treating all of your tasks according to God’s standard? Anything less than the standard of what God expects is not acceptable to God. If you will treat everything importantly, you will never be guilty of treating one thing flippantly.

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