Let Us Love


1 John 4:7 “Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.”

One of the best ways to resolve relationship issues is to love one another. I am sure that God gets weary of His children not having the love for each other that He has for us. The fact that God would love us is amazing. However, because we are born of God, it ought to be natural to love one another. Just like a child has the characteristics and habits of their parents, so every child of God should exhibit the characteristics and habits of God because they are His child. One reason a child is like their parents is because they spend time with them and learn their habits. This is the main reason so many believers don't exhibit God’s love because they don't spend much time with Him in His Word or in prayer to learn how to love one another. The plea of God in the verse above is to love one another. Let me share with you how to love one another.

First, love is a choice. Notice the words, “…let us love…” To “let” is to choose. In other words, you choose whether or not to love one another. You can choose to love someone just like you choose to hate them. You don't fall into loving one another, but you choose to love one another. If your love is dependent on feelings, you will never truly love others. To love someone is to choose to love them. If you are going to love one another, you are going to have to make a conscious choice to love people.

Second, love is manifested. True love does not conceal itself. One thing that has bothered me through the years is to see people tell those who are being attacked that they love them, but they do so privately. True love is not afraid to embrace the object of its love even when embracing that person means it will hurt you. The greatest time to show your love to others is when nobody else loves them. Manifesting your love for the unpopular is true love.

Third, love is non-reciprocal. God loved us before we ever chose to love Him. When you love someone, you are not expecting anything in return. One of the greatest failures of believers is that they expect someone to reciprocate love once given, but love joys in giving without expecting anything in return. When you learn to love others without an expectation of reciprocated love is when you find the true joy that loving people brings.

Fourth, love is respecting. God says that if we love Him that we will keep His commandments. What God is saying is that when you love someone, you will respect them and their desires. A true love for one another is doing everything in your power to get along with others. Your love ought to respect the feelings of others. Now, if they expect you to compromise truth, you still do right for doing right is true love; however, your love should move you to do everything in your power to respect the desires of others.

Fifth, love is unconditional. This is the key to loving one another. God didn't love us at our best, but He loved us at our worst. You don't just love someone when they are good, but you choose to love them even when they are bad. The test of your love for others is how loving you are towards them when they are at their worst.

My friend, are you fulfilling God’s desire to love others? The best way to impact other’s so you can help change lives is by loving people with a God-like love.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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