Exodus 14:8
“And the LORD hardened the heart of Pharaoh king of Egypt, and he pursued after the children of Israel: and the children of Israel went out with an high hand.”

I traveled as an evangelist for many years, and I often traveled alone while my wife stayed at home. It was not an uncommon thing for God to meet with us in the revival meetings. One thing I had to be careful about was the day after the meetings were over. When I walked in the house and tried to tell my wife of God working in the meeting, I had to be careful that I didn’t expect her to be as excited about it as I was because she wasn’t at the meeting. Though she was thrilled that God met with us in the meeting, I had to learn that she would never be as excited as I was because she wasn’t there to see God work. I had to be careful about the letdown on the day after.

It is a Monday morning as I write this devotional, and I am thinking of how God met in a mighty way with our church on Sunday and rejoicing in my heart about seeing people saved and baptized, and the altars filled. One thing I must always be careful about after a day of spiritual victory is the letdown that can happen. Satan can use the letdown to discourage me if I am not prepared for it. Elijah had a letdown the day after his great revival meeting, so if he had a letdown, I most certainly must be careful about having a letdown.

The verse above shows the day when God delivered Israel out of Egypt; however, the next verse shows the letdown that Israel faced. It says in verse 9, “But the Egyptians pursued after them…” As the Israelites were rejoicing about the great deliverance, the next day happened and the letdown came. There are a few lessons we must learn about the letdown of the next day that will keep us from discouragement.

First, beware of an emotional letdown the day after a spiritual victory. Every day cannot be the same. You must be careful about comparing every day to the great day that the LORD worked. Certainly, you should rejoice in what God has done, but you must remember that the next day has its own battles and tasks that must be accomplished. If you expect every day to end with a “high hand,” you will eventually find yourself wallowing in self-pity wondering why God is supposedly no longer using you.

Second, beware of an effort letdown the day after a spiritual victory. Because God did such a great work for Israel in delivering them, they fell for the letdown of effort. The effort it takes to have a great day must continue the day after. The Devil doesn’t surrender to your one day of spiritual victory, but he continues to pursue you to destroy you the next day. My friend, you must pray, walk with God, and work as hard the next day as you did the day before God met with you. Never decrease your effort after a spiritual victory.

Third, beware of a spiritual letdown the day after a spiritual victory. Many have succumbed to a spiritual letdown the day after God met with them because they expected the great hand of God to work the same way every day. If every day were as great as the miracle day, the miracle day would become an average day; therefore, enjoy the miracle day but don’t let up spiritually and let sin’s temptation defeat you the day after a spiritual victory. Always remember that just like Pharaoh pursued Israel the day after they left, so Satan will pursue you after a day of spiritual victory. Be alert of a spiritual letdown and keep serving God wholeheartedly.

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