February 1926 – April 2018

My uncle, L. J. Parr, crossed onto Heaven’s shores this morning at 6:06 AM. Words cannot express the privilege of having this man as an uncle, friend, confidant, example, and advisor to glean wisdom for life and the ministry.

Many knew my uncle, even though they may not remember him. He was a deacon at First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana for over 50 years and the church clerk for many of those years. Any preacher who was ordained by Dr. Jack Hyles, can look at their ordination certificate and see his signature. He was the man who, behind the scenes, helped to keep order for the church and deacon’s meetings.

My uncle was also a WWII veteran. He was part of the greatest generation who fought for our freedoms and never once complained about it. Though he lost partial hearing in the war, you never once heard him complain about it. To him, it was an honor to serve our country.

To my family, siblings and cousins, he was always there for us when we needed someone who could bring levity and stability to life. Any of my family members can remember playing croquet with him in his backyard, going bowling with him and having him help you to get a better score, and barbecuing in the backyard on Jarnecke Avenue.

My fondest memories of my uncle are the trips to church and the discussions about the LORD and the ministry. As a child, he and my aunt would often take us to McDonald’s on Sunday afternoon, and to White Castle every Sunday night after church. He always made sure that any needs were met, even though it probably inconvenienced him. He never complained about helping, because to him it was a joy to help family and friends.

L. J. Parr was the Aaron and Hur who silently lifted up the hands of the man of God and those who served the LORD. He was never one to be in the forefront, but his impact on the lives he touched will only be seen at the Judgment Seat. This world would be a much better place if there were more people like L. J. Parr.

Heaven has certainly gained a great saint of God. If I may add, Heaven has gained a true Christian man. He will be greatly missed. I will forever owe a debt to my uncle L. J. who had a great part in my life and ministry.

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