Loving Life

1 Peter 3:10
“For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile:”

Life is short, and if you want to love life and see the days of your life to be good days, you would be wise to follow the scriptural way to love life than the way the world proclaims to love life. Many times you will see a person talk about doing an event or traveling to a place where they have always wanted to go, and they will tell people that they are “loving life.” Experiencing an event or going to a place has nothing to do with loving life or seeing good days because those things have to deal with self, and life is about dealing with people.

The verse above reveals several things that you must do if you are going to love life and see good days. Most of what God tells the believer to do to love life has to deal with your treatment of people. One thing the LORD tells you to do has to do with your own personal action, but when you look at the scope of the loving life, that one action that deals with what you do also affects your relationships. Let me show you what God says you need to do to love life.

First, don’t speak evil of others. The verse above says, “…let him refrain his tongue from evil…” Talking about people behind their back always tends to complicate one’s life and destroys their integrity. My mother used to say to me, “Son, don’t say anything if you don’t have anything good to say about people.” Her counsel is wise for all to follow if they want to love life and see good days. Life will not be enjoyed when you must clean up the mess of the evil you spoke about others.

Second, speaking the truth always allows you to love life and see good days. A lying tongue always catches up to the liar. The verse above continues to say, “…and his lips that they speak no guile:” Being cunning and deceptive with your words to prove your importance is a result of pride and always shows your insignificance. It is always better to be truthful with what you say than it is for your guile to be discovered and people lose all faith in your words. Your life will become very lonely when people discover your inability to tell the truth.

Third, avoiding evil allows you to love life. Verse 11 says, “Let him eschew evil, and do good…” Evil is doing wrong with the intent to hurt someone. You may build a following by trying to destroy someone, but the following you get will one day turn on you and speak evil about you. Always be good to people and treat them properly. You will never regret being right with your treatment of people, even if being right with people means it hurts you. Loving life has a lot to do with making sure that you do right so that you never have to avoid people because of what you have done to them.

Fourth, seeking peace will help you to love life. Verse 11 concludes by saying, “…let him seek peace, and ensue it.” My friend, don’t go through life with relationships that you haven’t mended. Forgiveness is one of the greatest ways to enjoy life. When you know you have made peace with others, you can enjoy life without bitterness sucking the joy of life from you.

One day you will get old, and when you get old you will be able to say that you have loved life and seen many good days if you follow the advice in this devotional. Keep your relationships right, and you will find life to be filled with many good days.

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