Make It Plain

February 1, 2023

Habakkuk 2:2

“And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”

When the LORD commissioned Habakkuk to write the message given to him, He told him to “make it plain.” In other words, don’t overcomplicate what he wrote because the purpose of writing God’s Word was not to make Habakkuk look smart, but the purpose was so that the people could understand it and run with it. If the message was overcomplicated, the people would not be able to understand what they read, which would result in them not knowing what to do with God’s message.

One huge lesson every person who teaches or preaches God’s Word must learn is that they must make God’s Word plain so that those who hear it can understand it and take what they understand and run with it. People cannot do what they don’t understand; therefore, if you want people to understand what you are teaching them, you would be wise to make it very plain.


I often tell my church that I try to bring the message and place it on the bottom shelf for all to understand. I tell them the reason I put it on the bottom shelf is because that is where I need it to understand what I am preaching. I have learned through the three-plus decades of preaching that the simpler I am with what I teach and preach, the more people understand, which allows God to change their lives. There are a few lessons I would like to help you with in regards to preaching or teaching God’s Word to others, whether it be a church, a class, or your children.

First, if you don’t understand what you are teaching, you will definitely not make it understandable to those you are teaching. One reason you must be a student of God’s Word is so that you can understand it. If you don’t study as you should, you will find it difficult to understand God’s Word so that you can teach it plainly.

Second, the purpose of teaching is not to show how smart you are, but to make the truth understandable so those you are teaching can take it and run with it. The smartest teacher is the teacher who teaches God’s Word so plainly that those listening walk away with a truth they can apply to their lives. Trying to impress those you are teaching with how smart you are is to show them how smart you are not. Keep it simple!

Third, don’t overload the wagon with too much, but make it a goal to teach one truth so people can digest it and do it. One mistake many make is that they try to give too much and they give nothing at all that those listening can take home and apply to their lives. Always remember that you can give more truth the next time. Giving people one truth at a time is the best way to make it plain so they can run with it.

Fourth, ask the Holy Spirit to help you to teach God’s Word plainly. It is the Holy Spirit who guides us into all truth; therefore, you need the Holy Spirit to guide you as you teach so He can explain the truth to the heart of the individuals listening. The Holy Spirit is the best teacher because He knows how every person can understand a truth, and He will take your words and help those listening to hear those words in the manner that they can understand. Whatever you do, never teach without begging for the Holy Spirit to empower you.



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