Making a League with the World

Joshua 9:6
“And they went to Joshua unto the camp at Gilgal, and said unto him, and to the men of Israel, We be come from a far country: now therefore make ye a league with us.”

Joshua made a mistake that Moses almost made. Moses almost made an agreement with Egypt about worshipping God under Egypt’s terms, but the agreement was nullified because God stepped in and told Moses not to do it. Joshua didn’t learn from Moses’ experience that you can’t negotiate with the world. Joshua thought he could trust these people, but you can never trust the world. Once the agreement was made, the true story came out that these men lied to them and were actually neighbors to them. The league Joshua made was a foolish league that should have never been made. Several lessons can be learned from this story about making a league with the world.

First, the world’s promises are always filled with lies. Whatever the world says can never be trusted. You must understand that the world has no problem with lying because their father is the “father of lies.” The world has no problem with lying to you just to get you to move. Always remember that every proposal the world offers is always based off of lies.

Second, the world’s portrayal to get along is not what they truly want to do. These men knew very well that they didn’t want to worship God the same way that Israel worshipped Him; instead, they just wanted to stay alive. The world’s offer to worship with you is only so that they can keep their influence over you. If the world so badly wants to worship God with the believer, they should worship Him on God’s terms. The world always wants you to worship God on their terms, but their terms always lead to compromise and heartache.

Third, making a league with the world always backfires. Israel paid a dear price because they made a league with these men, and you will pay a dear price by making a league with the world. The parent who makes a league with the world always loses their children to the world. One of the purposes of not making a league with the world is so that your children will never become a part of the world.

Fourth, making a league with the world should never be a consideration. My friend, stop sitting down at the negotiating table with the world. There is nothing the believer can negotiate with the world. God never asked the believer to get along with the world; rather, He commanded the believer to reach the world. Negotiating with the world never allows you to better reach it with the Gospel; instead, it will lessen your ability to reach them.

Fifth, you can’t make a league with the world and be right with God. The Scriptures make it clear that you can be friends with the world and God at the same time. The only way two can walk together is that they must be agreed, and God is NEVER in agreement with the world. Therefore, you must never consider any agreement with the world.

Sixth, you’ll never make a league with the world if you ask counsel of God. Before you make any decision, you would be wise to ask God if it is the right thing to do. One thing you will find out is that God will never counsel you to make an agreement with the world. If you want to avoid making hurtful promises with the world, you would be wise to always ask counsel of God before making any decision.

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