Marks of Ungodliness

Jude 1:15
“To execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him.”

Every Christian should desire to avoid ungodly acts. The one thing that allows the Christian’s testimony to influence others is when God is seen through them. Godliness is merely acting in such a manner that God’s character shines through the Christian. You should desire your testimony to be one that is void of ungodliness and filled with Godliness. When you read the verses 15-16, you find that there are several marks of ungodliness.

First, murmuring is a mark of ungodliness. Murmuring is that silent grumbling or displeasure that you don’t show to others. Sadly, there are many Christians who think they are hiding their displeasure, but the murmuring comes through in their spirit. Murmuring is one of those sins that God judged Israel for in the wilderness. Even though they thought their murmuring didn’t affect others, it did. It wasn’t one person who murmured in the wilderness, but it was the whole nation. Likewise, you murmuring does affect the spirit of others. You may try to hide your displeasure about leadership, but it always spreads like a disease. If you don’t want to be marked as an ungodly person, you would be best to accept how the LORD moves through leadership.

Second, complaining is a mark of ungodliness. It is interesting that complaining follows murmuring. There is not much difference between the two other than one is being displeased in your spirit while complaining is showing your displeasure publicly. Don’t allow yourself to be one who always complains about what you have or what you have to do. Being content with what you have and how the LORD is leading; this will keep you from the ungodly act of complaining.

Third, materialism is a mark of ungodliness. God says one of the deeds of ungodliness is “walking after“ your “own lusts.” Murmuring and complaining always leads to materialism. My friend, the only reason you would murmur or complain is because you are not satisfied with what you have, but you always want something else that the LORD has not given you. You must be careful about allowing materialism in your life.

Fourth, “having men’s persons in admiration because of advantage” is another mark of ungodliness. When you are more interested in what the world thinks about you than what God knows about you, you ultimately practicing idolatry. A person who murmurs, complains, and is materialistic is only doing these things because they are concerned with their perception among the world. Each of these ungodly marks are cousins to each other. You may not be displaying one of them in the present, but you will eventually because they are all tied to each other.

Why are these marks ungodly? They are ungodly because they are all a result of showing your displeasure with what God has given you. If you are satisfied with what the LORD has given you, murmuring will never cross your mind, complaining will never come from your lips, and possessions won’t be a temptation. It all comes down to seeking God first in your life. If you will seek God first in all you do, God’s character will shine through you and ungodliness will flee.

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