Men Who Are Taken


Numbers 16:1 “Now Korah, the son of Izhar, the son of Kohath, the son of Levi, and Dathan and Abiram, the sons of Eliab, and On, the son of Peleth, sons of Reuben, took men:”

The verse above could be summarized in four words, “Now Korah…took men.” These men were likely innocent men at first, but they were taken by a disloyal man who likely painted a “valid” picture of Moses’ overreach of power. These men were likely taken because they liked Korah, and he was persuasive in what he said about them. These men were likely not taken in one conversation, but likely they were taken as Korah slowly, methodically, and purposely gained their trust so that he could persuade them to follow him and his rebellion. Sadly, these men never saw the end of their rebellion. These men never saw that God would kill them for standing against the man of God. It didn’t matter to God how they were deceived by Korah; it mattered to God that they followed Korah in his rebellion.

My friend, the storyline of Korah is sadly repeated in churches regularly to the detriment of the church, the Gospel, and the lives of those who follow in the rebellion against the man of God. We live in times when many have lost the respect of the man of God, and they think they have a right to correct the man of God. Let me be clear; it is devilish, evil, and rebellious for any person to gossip or try to correct a man of God for their own agenda. God deals with His men, and the only time a man of God should be removed BY THE LOCAL CHURCH is when he is morally or doctrinally wrong; otherwise, you had better leave the man of God alone if you don't want your end to be like Korah’s.

You had better be careful about being taken in rebellion by someone’s smooth-talking because God will hold you accountable. Let me caution you about being taken in gossip about a man of God. First of all, you should never listen to gossip. Secondly, you are not to entertain accusations about a man of God unless there are two witnesses. A witness is not someone who heard the accusation from someone who claims to be a witness, but a witness is someone who saw something happen. God will hold you accountable when you allow yourself to be caught up in gossip about a man of God.

Moreover, don’t be taken in the attempt to destroy other believers. The fact that you would listen to gossip is what sets you up to be taken by those who want to destroy someone because they know that you tend to listen to gossip. The reason the gossip believes you would listen to their gossip is because you have become known as one who listens to gossip. If you wonder why people feel comfortable coming to you with gossip, it is because you have never squashed the gossip in your presence. You have apparently been wallowing in the manure pile of gossip when you know all the “dirt” about everyone. You won’t know the gossip about anyone and be taken by it if you don't listen to it about anyone.

My friend, be careful that what you are taken by follows God’s structure of authority. God holds those accountable who are taken wrongly, no matter how innocent they were at the beginning. The cause of Christ and the Gospel’s influence is greater than you destroying the man of God and the church for your own personal preferences. Many have ruined their children, their own family, and their own life because they allowed themselves to be taken in someone’s gossip. Don't let gossip be the ruin of your life and your family.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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