Mending the Nets


Mark 1:19 “And when he had gone a little further thence, he saw James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother, who also were in the ship mending their nets.”

When Jesus came upon James and John, He saw them “mending their nets.” The key to mending their nets was so that they would not lose fish, which was their business. These men understood that every fish they lost was money out of their pockets, so to avoid losing money in their business, they gave time regularly to mend the nets so there would be no holes where they could lose fish.

The primary job of the believer is to be a fisher of men. Jesus said to Simon and Andrew in Mark 1:17, “…Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.” Now, there is a huge difference between what these men were fishing for to what God wants them to catch. The business of these men was to catch fish, but God wanted them to spend the rest of their lives catching souls. If we are going to be fishers of men, that would mean that we need to mend our nets regularly so that we don't lose souls. You must understand that any hole in a net means we lose a soul. The importance of losing a soul cannot be overstated because when you lose a soul, that soul goes to Hell. We must do everything in our power to mend our nets so that we don't lose souls. Let me share several holes in our nets that we must mend so that we don't lose souls.

First, sin will cause you to lose souls. Sin will take your eyes off your commission as a believer, which is to reach the souls of men. You must keep your life as clean as you can from sin so that it does not prevent you from reaching the lost.

Second, doubt is a hole in our nets that we must mend. If you go soul winning with a doubt that people will get saved, you will find boldness to witness will flee from you and cause you not to witness as you should. You cannot allow doubt to infiltrate your heart or mind as you go soul winning. You must believe that God has prepared someone for you to reach as you go.

Third, prequalifying people is a hole in our nets. Never look on the appearance of a soul and let that determine in your mind that they will or will not get saved. It doesn't matter if they are dressed well or in tattered clothes, rich or poor; all have a soul that Jesus can save if we don't prequalify them.

Fourth, concern for what others think of your witnessing is a hole in the net. Stop worrying about what others think of how you witness; those who judge how you witness to the lost are likely those who never go soul winning. Don't let their cliches keep you from being a bold witness for Christ.

Fifth, not having a set time to go is a hole in your net. You will never be a faithful witness for Christ if you don't set a time weekly to go soul winning. We should be a witness all the time, but having a set time to go will cause us to be a better witness for Christ.

Sixth, a lack of preparation is a hole in our nets. You must be prepared as a church to reach as many souls as possible. A lack of preparation and participation in the preparation will cause souls to be missed that could have been caught had we prepared to reach the souls.

Is there a hole in your soul winning net? Mend whatever hole you see so that no soul slips out into eternity through the hold you did not mend.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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