Psalm 106:34-35
“They did not destroy the nations, concerning whom the LORD commanded them: But were mingled among the heathen, and learned their works.”

Watching parents deal with troubled children will break your heart. Many parents have made the mistake of thinking that they need to get their children involved in worldly activities only to regret that decision when their children become someone they never imagined they would become. In an attempt to keep their children from becoming bitter, many parents have mingled themselves in worldly affairs only to lose their children to sinful and worldly lifestyles.

The verse above gives a great warning about the believer mingling with the heathen. Separation is still a doctrine in the Scriptures that God expects the believer to obey. God doesn’t want the believer to separate because He wants them to be weird, but He wants them to separate so they won’t learn the works of the heathen and have to suffer the consequences that the heathen’s sin cause. The danger of mingling is that your children are exposed to things to which they should never be exposed. Let me point out several dangers of mingling with the world.

First, you can’t mingle without your children learning something they should not learn. Abraham mingled with Egypt and exposed Lot to the world which was Lot’s eventual destruction. You can’t mingle with the world and expect your children to keep holy minds and pure bodies.

Second, you cannot mingle with the world without your children doing things you should not do. Your children will do the things they learn. If you don’t want your children to live ungodly lives, you would be wise to live a separated life from the world. Your children will only do the things which they have seen and heard, and if you mingle in the world, they will see and hear the things they should not see and hear. You cannot mingle with the world without your children becoming something you would not want them to become.

Third, you cannot mingle with the world without your children suffering sin’s consequences. Sin still has wages, and you cannot expect them to live in the world without suffering the wages of sin. If keeping your children from having to suffer the consequences of sin is the only reason you don’t mingle with the world, that in itself is a good reason.

The answer to not mingling with the world is to separate from it. Don’t be afraid of the bad connotation that worldly people give separation because separation is a safeguard from sin’s consequences. Separation is about being close to God. You can’t be close to God and the world at the same time because they are diametrically opposed. You are either walking with God or walking with the world. The reason God tells the believer to “come out from among them” is because you must come out of the world to walk with Him.

Furthermore, you should not feel bad about separation because it is about pleasing God and keeping your children from learning things they should not learn and becoming someone who will break your heart. My friend, if you love your children, you will keep not mingle in the world. Always remember that separating from the world insulates them from learning the wrong things. You will be glad that you didn’t mingle with the world when you see your children walking in the ways of the LORD.

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