Missed Opportunities

Judges 15:13
“And they spake unto him, saying, No; but we will bind thee fast, and deliver thee into their hand: but surely we will not kill thee. And they bound him with two new cords, and brought him up from the rock.”

The verse above is one of the missed opportunities that Samson had to get right with the LORD. Though his sin put him in the predicament that caused the Philistines to surrounded him, God gave him another opportunity to do right. Yet, we see that Samson missed this opportunity that God gave him, and the missed opportunity eventually led to his demise. This missed opportunity in Samson’s life should remind us of five things concerning the opportunities that God gives us to get right.

First, missed opportunities remind us that God is always merciful to give us another chance. God didn’t have to give Samson another opportunity to do right, but He did. God is the God of another chance. You will always find that God’s mercy has given us so many opportunities to do right. You must be careful that you don’t waste those opportunities given to you as a result of God’s mercy. Whenever God gives you another chance to do right, you should take Him up on His offer because He is showing you how much He loves you, and He is showing you that He wants to bless you.

Second, missed opportunities are opportunities when we could have gotten right. The event above was Samson’s chance to get right, but he missed it again. Christian, don’t let there be another “again” in your life to miss the opportunity of God’s mercy. If God is giving you another chance to get right, you should take it.

Third, missed opportunities are opportunities when we could have done God’s will. Samson could have taken the opportunity in the verse above to rally the men of Israel to fight against the Philistines, but he didn’t. God’s mercy is the opportunity to realize that His will is where His blessings reside. I think of Jonah who didn’t miss the opportunity to do God’s will, and he saw a whole city get saved. Saul missed his opportunity to get right, and he lost his kingdom. David took the opportunity to get right and to do God’s will, and he was able to continue and eventually see his son take his throne. My friend, when God’s mercy is displayed in your life, don’t waste the opportunity to do His will. Always remember that God’s mercy is His offer of blessings if you will simply take the opportunity to do His will.

Fourth, missed opportunities are opportunities that could have changed the course of our life. Samson missed a great opportunity to change his bad habits, but his desire to follow the flesh caused him to miss this opportunity which drove him deeper into sin. God’s mercy is an opportunity to correct your bad habits. When you are the recipient of God’s mercy, use that opportunity to replace your bad habits with good ones.

Fifth, missed opportunities could be the last opportunity. Don’t take on the mentality that you will have another chance to get right with the LORD. Samson rejected God’s mercy one too many times, and his life became a wreck. This opportunity to get right could be your last opportunity, don’t reject it. Always remember that God is not obligated to offer His mercy again. You could be receiving God’s mercy for the last time. The best way to keep from having missed opportunities is to take the present opportunity of God’s mercy to get right; you will never regret it.

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