Moved by What?

Mark 15:11
“But the chief priests moved the people, that he should rather release Barabbas unto them.”

I’ve often hear people talk about how they were moved in a church service, but in reality what they meant was that something touched their emotions. Emotions absolutely move people to do things, but that doesn’t make the emotions or the movement right. Herod was moved to behead John the Baptist, but that didn’t make the moving of his spirit right. Peter was moved by the crowd, but what moved him was not something that should move any believer. In the verse above, the chief priests moved Pilate to have Jesus killed, but just because he was moved didn’t make it right.

Just because you are moved to do something doesn’t make what moves you right. Two things generally move people. The first thing which moves people is emotions. Many people have been moved by emotions to do the wrong thing. Just because your emotions are moving you doesn’t mean it is the moving of the Holy Spirit. The crowd or peer pressure is the second thing which moves people. Again, just because the crowd does something doesn’t make it right to do it. Let me give you four guides you need to follow to be sure the wrong thing is not moving you.

First, always let principle move you over emotion. You must be extremely careful anytime your emotions get involved. Emotions are based on the moment instead of on principle. Emotions make you feel good, but emotions don’t make it right. It is better to let a previously dictated system of beliefs that are based on the Scriptures be the thing that moves you instead of your emotions.

Second, always let Scripture be the basis for moving. A moving of the Spirit will never contradict the Word of God. If what you call being moved causes you to disobey what the Scriptures teach, you are being moved by the wrong thing. Too many people are moved by emotionalism and feelings instead of letting the Scriptures move you. If the only time you move is when you have an emotional feeling, you will find your life will become a mess. Letting the Scriptures move you may not feel good, but letting them move you will sure keep you doing right.

Third, always let history be a guide to move you. History is a great teacher, and you would be wise to look at history to see what others have done with this moving. I have watched many people throw the past out the window because they don’t like the leadership styles of those whom God used, but history has a way of making sure that what you are moving towards is right or wrong. Always remember that every moving is nothing new. Somewhere in the past, someone has been moved by what is attempting to move you now, and you had better let the past teach you what is the right or wrong moving.

Fourth, always let the Holy Spirit be the source of your movement. The Holy Spirit will “guide you into all truth (John 16:13), which means His moving you or leading you is principally and scripturally based and not emotionally based. What some call the moving of the Holy Spirit is nothing more than their feelings getting control of their body and mind. You will find that most of the time when the Holy Spirit moves you that you will not have a great feeling of movement at first, but obeying His leading will cause you to feel good after you have done right. If you follow the Holy Spirit’s moving, your feelings or emotions will have to be ignored.

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