Multiplication Problems

Acts 6:7
“And the word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly; and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith.”

As the early church grew, they found themselves coming across problems that they had never seen before. They were so busy trying to get to all the people getting saved and baptized that some of the members of the church were not getting their needs met. Their multiplication problem caused some to murmur because “their widows were neglected.” It is interesting that the Grecians who murmured could have taken care of these widows themselves, but they wanted the church to do it. However you look at this problem, there is no doubt that the church’s multiplied growth caused them to face problems they had never faced.

Any church that grows is going to find itself having multiplication problems. The growth of a church causes it not to be able to do things the same way they used to do them when they were smaller. The one thing a church that is seeing multiplied growth must be careful about is that they don’t allow murmuring to destroy the work of the LORD. In this passage of Scripture, God shows the church how to solve the multiplication problems.

First, it takes more people who are willing to step up spiritually. It can’t be the same people doing everything when a church grows, because those same people will eventually begin to neglect people because of the scope of their duties. If everyone in the church would step up and do something, no duty in the church would be neglected. The only reason a church is not doing everything it is supposed to do is because someone has not stepped up to help their church as it begins to multiply because of souls being saved.

Second, everyone in the church needs to be of honest report. This church looked out for people who were of honest report. You may not be perfect, but you can still strive to be honest in all that you do. A church filled with people who are of honest report will be a church that God can use mightily.

Third, you can solve the multiplication problems of your church if you will have the wisdom of God. Having God’s wisdom helps the church to make wise decisions. Before you do anything in your church, you would be wise to ask God for His wisdom to be sure that you are doing things the right way.

Fourth, prayer helps to solve the multiplication problem. If a church will pray together, it will resolve many of its problems. Prayer can solve problems that human wisdom and manpower can never resolve because prayer taps into the wisdom and infinite power of God. A church that prays means that everyone must have a personal time in prayer.

Fifth, staying in God’s Word helps to solve the multiplication problem. God’s Word always gives God’s wisdom on what to do. A church that stays in God’s Word will always find God’s solution for every problem.

Sixth, being full of the Holy Ghost will solve the multiplication problem. A Spirit-filled church always handles the multiplication of its body properly. A church being filled with the Holy Ghost power starts with you. You can’t look and say they need to be filled; you must look at yourself and be filled. You are either helping or hurting your church’s multiplication problems by whether you are filled with the Holy Spirit. Are you the solution or the problem?

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