My Choice Has Been Made


Isaiah 25:1 “O LORD, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.”

There are many restaurants that I enjoy going to, especially when I am traveling. One of my characteristics is that once I have found something on the menu that I like, I don't have to look at the menu anymore because my choice has already been made. For instance, I enjoy eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel. When eating breakfast there, I always choose the “Old Timer’s” breakfast. McDonald’s is one of my favorite fast-food restaurants. When I go to McDonald’s, I don't have to look at the menu because my choice has already been made. I always get a Quarter Pounder with cheese, medium French fries, and an unsweet tea with one packet of Splenda put into it. Some people will say to me, “How do you know that you are not missing out?” The answer to this question is I don't need to know if I am missing out because I have already found what I like, and I intend to make that my choice every time I eat at these restaurants.

One mistake many believers make is that they have not made their choice about God. Oh, they have accepted Him as their Saviour, but they are still trying to decide whether they are going to trust Him with every other area of their lives.

The psalmist declared his choice by saying, “O LORD, thou art my God…” The psalmist said that it didn't matter if other choices would come; he had already made his choice. He was saying that it didn't matter how hard times would be; he would not reconsider because he had already made his choice. In fact, the very next verse says, “For thou hast made of a city an heap; of a defenced city a ruin:…” Though heartache and destruction came after the psalmist made his choice, he did not reconsider that the LORD was his God because he had already made his choice.

It is time that you make God your choice. If God is good enough to save you from sins, don't you think He is good enough to follow despite hardships that you encounter in life? If you can trust God to save your soul from Hell, don't you think that same God is good enough to trust with every aspect of your life? You will never live a stable life until you choose that the LORD will be your God.

Now, once you make that choice, don't undo in doubt the decision you made by faith. Never reconsider about who you are going to serve just because tough times have come. If you chose God when times are good, He is still worth serving when times are bad. If the LORD was a good enough God to praise when times are good, He is still worth praising when times are bad. Your situations in life don't change the goodness of God; instead, they will magnify His goodness to you if you don't quit.

Let me encourage you to take God off trial and stick with your choice that the LORD will be your God. When you have already made your choice, you don't have to look around for another god to serve when life faces difficulties. Stability and blessings will result when you take God off trial and stick to the decisions. I have served God for over four decades, and He has yet to fail me, even in the toughest times of life. His old paths that I have walked have not always been easy, but they have always been right. Make the LORD your God, and never reconsider that choice no matter what you face in life.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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