Never Forgotten

Genesis 30:22
“And God remembered Rachel, and God hearkened to her, and opened her womb.”

I believe one of the most feared things that anyone could have is to forgotten by everyone close to them. However, there is something that is worse than being forgotten by man, and that is to be forgotten by God. There is nothing that should strike the fear in the heart of a person more than to think that God forgot them. The good news is that God never does forget you.

In the verse above, there are two phrases that should encourage the heart of every believer. The Scriptures say, “And God remembered Rachel, and God hearkened…” These two phrases should remind the believer that they are never forgotten by God. Though Rachel thought that God wasn’t hearing her request, He remembered her. He not only remembered her, but he hearkened to her prayer and eventually answered it.

My friend, do you ever feel that you are alone? Let me remind you that God remembers you. Every day when you wake up, God remembers you. When attacks come your way from the enemy, God remembers you. When loneliness has filled your home because you lost a loved one, God remembers you. When those who are supposed to be your friends have forsaken you and left you to yourself, God remembers you. When you think that life has turned against you and there seems to be no hope, God remembers you. Certainly, the Devil would love for you to think that you are too small of a person for God to care for, but God always remembers you.

Moreover, the God that remembers you also hearkens to your voice. The word “hearkened” means to listen. God reminded the believer in the verse above that they never have to go through anything alone, but He also reminds the believer that He hears their every prayer of help. You may feel that nobody is listening to the cries of your heart, but God is. The voice of the believer is always heard by God. You may feel that your voice is being muffled by the noises of this world, but God hears your voice loud and clear. You do have someone to whom you can pour out your heart to, and the someone is God. God hears the cry of the child. He hears the cry of the forsaken. He hears the cry of the lonely. He hears the cry of the attacked. He hears the cry of the despondent. He hears the cry of those who think no one is listening. You can continue to sulk in self-pity, or you can pour out your heart to God Who hearkens to the voice of His children.

Furthermore, God answers the prayer of the believer. The opening of Rachel’s womb was a prayer she had prayed about for a long time. My friend, never give up on praying. The prayer that is not answered is the prayer that is never prayed. The only prayer that God can’t hear is the prayer that has never been prayed. You will never get an answer from God if you don’t pray.

Let me ask you, what prayer is it that you feel is not being heard? Let the verse above be that assurance that God does remember you, and that He does hear your every prayer. Let me encourage you to keep on praying. Rachel didn’t stop praying until God heard her prayer, and you should never quit praying for the request you have petitioned God about for a long time. Just keep on praying! God has heard your prayer, and in His perfect timing He will answer it.

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