Never So Seen

Matthew 9:33
“And when the devil was cast out, the dumb spake: and the multitudes marvelled, saying, It was never so seen in Israel.”

So many people were astonished of the great works in the ministry of Christ that the people followed Him everywhere to see what He would do next. The verse above is the result of some people who brought a man who was dumb and possessed with a devil to Jesus. When Jesus saw this man, He cast out the devil which resulted in this dumb man speaking. The people who saw this miracle were so astonished about what they had just seen that all they could say was, “It was never so seen in Israel.”

This should be said about every church in every city. We live in times when the average church service is dead, the altars are empty, and preachers explain away the lack of God’s power in their ministry by criticizing those who are doing great works just like the Pharisees criticized Jesus. I believe it is possible for God to do great works in every church today. However, several things must happen if it is going to be said that it was never so seen in your church.

First, it will take the power of God. God’s great works cannot be done through human power, but they will only be done through God’s power. The greatest reason God can’t do works through people today is because they spend little time in prayer, and a little time in prayer results in a little power. If God is going to do something great through your ministry, you are going to have to spend time in prayer with God to get His power to rest upon you. No work has ever become great without a great prayer life.

Second, it takes faith. There has never been one great work of God performed without faith first being exhibited. The measure of your faith is a result of the time you spend in prayer and in God’s Word. You cannot expect to have great faith unless you are spending time with the God who gives you the faith to do great works. You will continue to flounder in your ministry and walk with Christ until you are willing to step out by faith to see God do something great.

Third, it takes God’s people talking about the great works everywhere they go. One of the reasons that so many people came to see Jesus perform miracles was because people spread abroad the great works that were being done. People are curious by nature, and the more you spread abroad the great works that God is doing, the more curious people will become, which will result in more people coming to see if it is true.

Fourth, great works are always a result of the power of God’s Word. My friend, only God’s Word can change lives. The more that God’s Word is taught and preached, the more that lives will be changed. You will always find that one of the key components of any great work of God in history is that the Word of God was taught and preached. You will never see God do great works by having His Word preached and taught less, but they will only be done by the Scriptures being taught more.

Fifth, compassionate laborers are needed for God’s great works to be done. If you want something to be done in your city that has never been seen before, you are going to need many laborers who have a heart for people, which will only come by soul winning. You must become a laborer for Christ if your city is going to say that it was never so seen.

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