Nevertheless God


2 Corinthians 7:6 “Nevertheless God, that comforteth those that are cast down, comforted us by the coming of Titus;”

One of the great promises of the Scriptures is found in two words, “Nevertheless God.” Paul was addressing this church about what he went through, but at the end of what he went through, he always found that God got him through it. Paul said that God comforted him in spite of the turmoil that he faced. He said that God comforted him despite the troubles that surrounded him. He said that God comforted him regardless of the fears that he had on the inside. He said that God comforted him despite being cast down. In other words, Paul was saying that it didn’t matter what he faced; God was there to comfort him.

Two of the greatest words you can hold onto when going through tough times are, “Nevertheless God.” Let me remind you that God is not intimidated by the circumstances you face. Your circumstances may be all about you, but God is able to comfort you despite troubles surrounding you. You may find fear has gripped your heart because of your trials, but God is able to comfort you. Life may have cast you down, but God is still able to give you comfort despite the hurt and failure that life brings.

Moreover, the words “Nevertheless God” shows us the omnipotence of God. God was greater than the trials that Paul faced. God was greater than the troubles that surrounded Paul. God was greater than all the battles that Paul faced. “Nevertheless God” simply means that God is greater than whatever you presently face.

There is something else this verse is teaching. Paul said, “Nevertheless God, that comforteth those that are cast down…” The word “comforteth” means that God is able to ease the pressure and the pain of whatever you are facing. It means that God is able to give you enjoyment in the trials that you face. It means that no matter what you face, God can give you a calm that you will find in no other place. Therefore, your only hope in hard times is God. You can try to find comfort in other things, but they will fail. You can try to find comfort in vice, pleasures, hibernation, or other people, but these will fail to give you peace in times of trouble.

Let me encourage and remind you that “Nevertheless God” are the two greatest words that you can remember to find comfort in anything that you face. Your peace when health issues seem to strike fear in your heart is “Nevertheless God.” Your hope when financial stress seems to be your daily meal is “Nevertheless God.” Your comfort in times of loneliness after you have lost a loved one is “Nevertheless God.” Your consolation after your spouse has left you for another is “Nevertheless God.” Your hope when trials seem to be coming at you in waves is “Nevertheless God.” Your confidence when battles are bigger than you is “Nevertheless God.”

I have served God for decades, and the one thing I have learned throughout these years is that God has never failed to help me while going through the tough times. The God who is with you in the good times shows Himself more while you go through tough times. You can have one confidence that God will still be there despite the magnitude of your trials when others run from you in the battles and trials that you face. My friend, take hope and remember two words, “Nevertheless God.”

Dr. Allen Domelle

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