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Overcoming Average

Average is okay with most people, but not with God. Learn how to excel and rise above mediocrity by reading Overcoming Average. This is not a success book, but a book that will teach you practically how to get the most out of your life.

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The Christian Way

So many people struggle with how to have a Christian wedding, funeral, vacation, and many other life events. This book will show you how to make the best out of these situations and still do it in a Christian way.

America Under Attack

The battles we see in the political world are no different from the attacks of progressive spiritual leaders trying to change the meaning of the old paths. Sadly, political correctness in society seems to influence the local New Testament Baptist church.

This book will be one of the most politically incorrect books you have read, but you will find it to be scripturally correct as it points out the fallacies of the progressive spiritual leaders who attack the old paths.

America is under attack, but the attacks are coming from progressive spiritual leaders who use political correctness to try to defeat the old paths. If you are looking for answers to winning this battle, this book will give you scriptural solutions to the political correctness and progressive spiritual movements that the independent Baptist churches face today.

Till Death Do Us Part

Nowadays, marriage is undermined, and divorce is often the first option when couples disagree. It seems many think there is no way to solve marital troubles.

This easy-to-understand book shows you how to navigate through the minefields that try to destroy your marriage. If you follow the scriptural principles of this book, you can enjoy your marriage with all your heart.

The Pathway to Financial Stability

One of the greatest things that cause stress in anyone’s life is finances. Nothing can help you to enjoy life more than removing money problems. This book will not teach you how to get rich but will show you how to become financially stable.

The author takes the scriptures and teaches ways to be more responsible with money, such as how to:

  • Get Out of Debt
  • Keep Your Credit Cards Under Control
  • Avoid Pitfalls that Take Your Money
  • Find Extra Money

This informative book will not only help you today but also provide long-term solutions by leading you toward financial stability and alleviating the stress from money problems.